Iridescent Auras

Tuesday, June 20

Nostalgic Summer - a poem

Sunny mornings, rainy evenings
Same scenery, different feelings
old photos, out of date music
past heart, added uses

verses of songs that pull the strings of my heart
a marionette attached to nothing, the master soon to depart

I feel the sweet scent of a past time well spent and now the feeling of the past fills me and creates an urge to go back.
to go away with the clouds and turn back the clock to find the door to last year and knock

photos of far away friends now not in motion and not being created but being looked back on
new memories waiting to surface, a drowning glass of a message, waiting to arise out of the storm you needn't wait long.

The clock still speaks of an hour but it is on the edge of change and soon it will fall to the other side of a new day.

I wait in the hour of time long ago it is so close to the future but the past hasn't past yet and I am frozen in a place of sweet remembrance

smiles that came from thinking of the old times
tears that are rare but still come sometimes
music listened to replicating feelings by each line
thoughts messy and rewritten to make rhymes

I feel the new coming and I am so close I could take off and fly but I am still in the past and the door is still locked to the new that you hear of in others talk

warm weather, bringing thoughts together
coming full circle and restarting a path already adventured
same things done but not with others
my heart fills with the feeling of nostalgic summers.

Tuesday, June 13

Why Wait? - a poem

Why do we sit around and wait?
Waiting for the time to stand up and speak
We stay quiet and watch the clock that in our minds will someday show a sign that will say that it is now the right time
But that signal never comes and so we stay seated, frozen in a place of stillness.

We ignore the problems because we expect another who has already found their time to resolve it
But it never gets resolved because that was the sign

The problem is the voice that is calling for you to come out of your internal mind, your closed off home of safety, your dead-end road of thinking, the problem awaits a solution and the solution is you
But you don’t notice that it has painted a picture of the future of you that is helping the world and you are blind to the obvious and soon the obvious becomes oblivious.
You are too focused staring at the clock that ticks down the minutes and seconds that count the amount of time you still have to get up and do something grand, you sit back and wait for your permission to arise and get frustrated at the hands of the clock that have not come to your time
But the clock is just a timer, a tick of a background beat that you use to keep count of the resolutions and revelations that you have brought to the earth
The real sign, the real time, the real reminder for you to step up and use your say
are the problems that sprout out creating a path that leads the way.

Tuesday, June 6

My first march ; March for Truth Experience

Last Saturday, the 3rd of June, The "March for Truth" was held in more then 150 communities.
The "March for Truth" was a way for people to come together and demand the truth in terms of Donald Trump being investigated for suspicions to ties to Russia and for Trump to release his Tax forms.
You can read more about the March, Organizers, and motives here at the official "March for Truth" page.

Tuesday, May 30

Stepping Into the New : a short poem

Stepping into the new
the same place with a different head space

it feels like last year but my calender says its a year later
things said from old friends have changed meanings, i need a translater

external screams of moments long ago, my eyes show images from the past i can not throw,
internal whispers secrets of the future, time passes and the secrets are revealed sooner.

a flower in the white of winter crushed and dying becomes a blossom of self relying.
done with trying and denying now flying without lying.

the voices of those that used to hold back the truth are now just a background beat of childhood and youth.

all the things that used to be the present have been opened, loved, stolen and forgotten.

the things that used to be on my mind are now something to look back on in the past time
a sweet gift of memory that is now not relevant is something to look back on with remembrance.

Stepping into the new
with a new race the past erased

it feels like last year but now a lot greater
the world is a blank space with a new creator.

Tuesday, May 23

like old times ; a post about the current

Hello Everyone, I haven't done a post about my current life in a while and since today is a rainy/relaxed day I wanted to sit down and write about what I have been up to, thinking, and getting excited for these days. So for today's post, enjoy this "like old times" blogging style post.


-about a week ago, for mothers day, my family went to the zoo. it was a bunch of fun, I got to feed a giraffe and see grizzly bears, which are both two of my favorite animals!