Elly Lily: May 2014

Tuesday, May 27

Happy Memorial Day! :)

Hi everyone!!! 

Happy Memorial Day!!! ( even though it was yesterday sorry this is late) 

Here are some pics I took and edited with pic monkey! 

I made this out of Legos! 

What did u do yesterday for Memorial Day? :) 


The fashion tag!!!

Anna from Banana and Bear tagged me for the fashion tag!!! Thank u so much Anna! 
To see more details of what to do and things like that about the fashion tag click HERE!

So onto the questions! 

1. What's your favorite Hairstyle?

Lately my fav hairstyle is a simple side ponytail! I wear it like literally everyday! :) 

2. What's your favorite style of top?

Probably either a fitted tea like this one I have: 

Or this kind of shirt: 

I love this one so much!!! 

3. Do you prefer Shorts or a Skirt?

Shorts! ;) 

4. What's your favorite style of dress?

Not sure! 

5.  Winter Outfits or Summer Outfits?

This is a hard one! But I'd have to say summer! :) 

6. Necklaces or Bracelets?

Necklaces! Like origami owl!

7. Favorite Kind of shoe?

Converse shoes! ( and converse type shoes) right now I don't have any converse but check out these super cool zebra print converse!!!!

Converse + zebra print=  SUPER TOTALLY AMAZING SHOES!!!! :D ( sorry got a bit carried away there!) ;) 

I nominate: 
Madeline from In The Wind
Here are the questions: 

1. What's your favorite Hairstyle?

2. What's your favorite style of top?

3. Do you prefer Shorts or a Skirt?

4. What's your favorite style of dress?

5.  Winter Outfits or Summer Outfits?

6. Necklaces or Bracelets?

7. Favorite Kind of shoe?

Have fun! And thank u again Anna for nominating me it was super fun!!! :) 



Monday, May 26

Banana and bear writing contest!

So as I was saying in the last post Anna is doing a writing contest! Click HERE to go to the post!

Here is my entry: 

He ran. He didn't know what he was running from exactly but he ran anyway. He ran away from the shadow that he ones called his own, but that was in the past now.  

He ran away from them, he did not need them now, he was not one of them, he was his own person. But who was that person?

He was lost. Outside and inside. He was not sure who he was, or what he would become. 

He felt like there was a stranger living inside of him and he was that stranger. 
He ran, his heart pounding in his chest, His feet pounding on the ground. 

Why run? If he was going to be running in fear all of his life then why live at all? What is living? Running in fear doesn't seem like life it seemed more like death.

Suddenly he stopped in his tracks, he turned around to see only darkness, he slowly took a step towards the darkness, nothing. He went closer to see that there was nothing but a forest full of trees, 

Then he realized that there had been nothing all along. He had been so driven by fear that he had only imagined that something was really there. The past was in the past now, he did not need to run from it all it took was just one step forward. 

Hope ya like it! :D


Banana and bear blog party!!!!! :)

Anna over at Banana and Bear is having a blog party!!!! She is also doing a writing contest! To see the post about the party and contest click HERE! 
YAY!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! YAY!!!! I am so exited! :) 

For the party u get to answer 5 fun questions so here they are: 

1. Favorite Season?
This is a hard one I can't decide between spring and fall?! 

2. Favorite Color?
I like neon pink, neon green, and blue! 

3. Favorite Author?
Either J.K Rowland ( who wrote harry potter) or Rick Riordan ( who wrote the Percy Jackson books) 

4. Thing that inspires you most?
Blogs, colors, music, books, and other people! 

5. Favorite thing about Blogging?
Ooh. This is hard! I love how there is such a big wonderful community of bloggers! And everyone they are just so nice and encouraging! Also it is really fun to think up posts and hopefully make someone happy while doing it!  

Wow! That was FUN!!! :)


Drawing challenge! #6 fav word!

I can not decide what is my favorite word but I like the world believe so that is what I drew! 


Saturday, May 24

Liebster award!!!! :)

The amazing Anna from Banana and Bear nominated me the liebster award! Thank u sooo much Anna!!! :)!

Her questions: 

1. Who is your favorite fictional character?

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

2.  What do you consider to be your greatest achievement?  

Ooh this is hard I'm not sure! 

3. Would you rather go a year without salty things or a year without sweet things?  (maw ha ha I'm evil 

A year without salty things for sure! 

4. What languages do you know?

English ( kinda obvious!) and I know a little bit of Spanish ( I what to learn French!)  

5. Would you rather paint or dance?

Dance!!!! :) 

6. The color yellow or the color green?


7. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I am an extrovert!!!! 

8. Favorite book series?

Harry potter!!!! 

9. Are you a dare-devil or a more cautious person?

It depends! 

10.  Dogs or Cats?


11. What is your favorite band/song artist?

I love the band 1 Girl Nation!!!


Thanks for nominating me! 

I nominate: 

Jessica from Whispers or the Wind

Mackenzie from Think. Eat. Write. Read


My questions: 

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. What are u wearing right now?

3. Taking photos or getting your picture taken?

4. Summer or winter?

5. Favorite actor or actress?

6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? 

7. Do you like Elsa or Anna ( from frozen) 

8. Favorite book?

9. What do you smell right now?

10. Writing or reading? 

11. What is your least favorite food? 

Have fun! :) 

Elly <3 

Drawing challenge! #5 favorite book character!

Yay! Time for another drawing challenge! Today's is to draw your fav book character! I drew Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter! I haven't read all of the books yet I am on the six one! ;) 

( It looks better in real life) here is the pic I copied: 

Luna is AWSEOME!!!!! :D 

Talking about luna here are 2 pics of other luna drawings I drew: 


Friday, May 23

Drawing challenge! #4 best friend!

Today's drawing challenge is to draw your best friend! :) I drew my BFF Layne!!! <3

Here is the pic I drew! ( take note that it is nothing compared to her real awseomeness!)

And here is the pic I "tried" to copy: 

Thursday, May 22

Drawing challenge! #3 favorite place!

Today's challenge is your favorite place! This one was so hard to decide what's my fav, I was almost going to just skip this one! ;) so since I could not decide I am just going to show you a pic of the beach I drew! :) ( and no the beach is not my fav place I like it though!)

Here it is! 


Wednesday, May 21

Story within a picture! #2

Celia did another Story Within A Picture! Check it out HERE! Also while your there don't forget to check out Bethan's amazing story for the last challenge and click the link on Celia's post to see Anna's inspiring story too! So without thrust her ado here is the cool pic for this time and the story I wrote to go with it:!

The boy sat there. He bent over a notebook, as he flipped through the thin, musty pages he relized that with every page came a story, a time, and a memory. In these pages the story that was his life was written. Not in words, not in pictures but in music notes. Each note played a part in the song of his life. Some notes were happy others were sad but each important.
For you can't have happiness if there is without sadness to play its part in the song? 

As the boy sat there and flipped throught the pages. Watching his life fly past, he came to the last page. It was a fresh clear as the sky was that day page. The white of the page, the black of the lines, reminded him of happiness and sadness.

He slowly took a short stubbed pencil out of his pocket, the lead hit the paper, 

And he wrote his song.

I hope you like the story! I had I really fun time writing it! 


Drawing challenge! #3 favorite food!

Yay! It is day 3 of the drawing challenge! Today's thing to draw is your favorite food! 

I drew PIZZA!!!!! :D 


Tuesday, May 20

Drawing challenge! #2 favorite animal! :)

Today's drawing challenge is to draw your favorite animal! Mine being a horse that is what I drew! :) 

This is the pic I drew! ;) 


Monday, May 19

Drawing challenge #1 yourself

I found this cool drawing challenge and decided to do it! The first thing to draw is yourself. 

Here is the pic I drew of myself! 

Not my favorite picture I have drawn, but I think it's good. 

I copied this pic: 

Celia took this pic! ;) 

Hope ya like it! 


Sunday, May 18

I love ombre!!!! :)

Lately I have been into ombre! :) ombre hair, fashion, shoes, ect! 

Here are some epic pics of ombre things! :) 

Ombre hair! :) 
I love ombre hair!!!! It is just so cool! :D 

This makes me want to dye my hair ombre!!!!! 

Ombre fashion!!!! 

Even ombre cake!!! Yum! 

Ombre shoes! :) these shoes are so cool! 

And ombre book covers! 

And last but not least a plain ombre pic!!!! :) 

Do u like ombre? What was your favorite ombre item? ( the hair, fashion, cake, shoes, or the book cover?) 


Saturday, May 17

Random pics! :)

Here a some random pics that I took a few days ago! 

Chocolate muffin! Yum! :) 

Our neighbors cat tiger!  

And my friend Elenna! 


Thursday, May 15

Story within a picture! 1#

My sister the amazing and talented Celia is doing this cool chalange called story within a picture! Check it out HERE!! Also don't forget to check her blog out HERE!! Well since the pic was so cool and it sounded so fun I decided to do it! Here it is:

The fire's warmth rose up into the cold thin air. The waves splashed up against the rocky ground trying to put out the glow. She walked in her worn boots, her hands invisible in her long striped sweater. She wondered when she'd ever see civilization again, when she'd eat again, and if she'd ever get the chance to do so. The fire blazed with hope. The flames danced in possibility and she wondered what would happen next.  

Hope ya like it! :) 


Hi!!!!!! :)

Hi! And welcome to my blog!!!!!

I'm Elly! This is my first post and I can not wait to do more!!!!!!! :) a big thanks to the amazing rose for the awesome blog design! I love it!!!!! :) check out her blog HERE!

Here are some awesome, and inspiring bible verses, and quotes!!!!!! :) 

Love this one!!!! :) 

This is from Cloudy and a Chance of Meatballs 2! :) 

Well, anyway I hope u enjoy looking at my blog!!!! :) :) :)