Elly Lily: Banana and bear writing contest!

Monday, May 26

Banana and bear writing contest!

So as I was saying in the last post Anna is doing a writing contest! Click HERE to go to the post!

Here is my entry: 

He ran. He didn't know what he was running from exactly but he ran anyway. He ran away from the shadow that he ones called his own, but that was in the past now.  

He ran away from them, he did not need them now, he was not one of them, he was his own person. But who was that person?

He was lost. Outside and inside. He was not sure who he was, or what he would become. 

He felt like there was a stranger living inside of him and he was that stranger. 
He ran, his heart pounding in his chest, His feet pounding on the ground. 

Why run? If he was going to be running in fear all of his life then why live at all? What is living? Running in fear doesn't seem like life it seemed more like death.

Suddenly he stopped in his tracks, he turned around to see only darkness, he slowly took a step towards the darkness, nothing. He went closer to see that there was nothing but a forest full of trees, 

Then he realized that there had been nothing all along. He had been so driven by fear that he had only imagined that something was really there. The past was in the past now, he did not need to run from it all it took was just one step forward. 

Hope ya like it! :D


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