Elly Lily: I love ombre!!!! :)

Sunday, May 18

I love ombre!!!! :)

Lately I have been into ombre! :) ombre hair, fashion, shoes, ect! 

Here are some epic pics of ombre things! :) 

Ombre hair! :) 
I love ombre hair!!!! It is just so cool! :D 

This makes me want to dye my hair ombre!!!!! 

Ombre fashion!!!! 

Even ombre cake!!! Yum! 

Ombre shoes! :) these shoes are so cool! 

And ombre book covers! 

And last but not least a plain ombre pic!!!! :) 

Do u like ombre? What was your favorite ombre item? ( the hair, fashion, cake, shoes, or the book cover?) 



  1. HAIR!! NOW I WANT TO DYE MY HAIR OMBRE! Well I probably won't, but one of these days I'll be dying my hair something or another, just a streak, but the more I think about that idea the more I like it… ;)
    -Anna <3