Elly Lily: Story within a picture! #2

Wednesday, May 21

Story within a picture! #2

Celia did another Story Within A Picture! Check it out HERE! Also while your there don't forget to check out Bethan's amazing story for the last challenge and click the link on Celia's post to see Anna's inspiring story too! So without thrust her ado here is the cool pic for this time and the story I wrote to go with it:!

The boy sat there. He bent over a notebook, as he flipped through the thin, musty pages he relized that with every page came a story, a time, and a memory. In these pages the story that was his life was written. Not in words, not in pictures but in music notes. Each note played a part in the song of his life. Some notes were happy others were sad but each important.
For you can't have happiness if there is without sadness to play its part in the song? 

As the boy sat there and flipped throught the pages. Watching his life fly past, he came to the last page. It was a fresh clear as the sky was that day page. The white of the page, the black of the lines, reminded him of happiness and sadness.

He slowly took a short stubbed pencil out of his pocket, the lead hit the paper, 

And he wrote his song.

I hope you like the story! I had I really fun time writing it! 



  1. Beautifully written! I did the challenge too!

  2. Thank u!!! Eve: I saw your story I LOVE it!!! It is so good! Oh and Layne I LOVE your new profile pic! So cool! :)

  3. That's a great story! :) :) :)
    -Anna <3