Elly Lily: June 2014

Friday, June 27

Decorated lamp! :)

A little while ago I decorated my desk lamp! ;) 

Here is a before pic: 

For the lampshade I cut different shapes of pieces of tape and stuck them in a design on the shade, then I painted it green and when it was all dried I took the tape off! I also painted the bottom of the lamp and then put some modge podge on the lamp and viola! :) :

Ta da!!! :) 


C. C. C. W. C #4

Hi! So sorry I haven't been posting. Well here is chapter 4 for the Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Writing. Challenge! (Sorry it's so late) 

Cadence got home to the warm, inviting smell of brownies. She swept her wavy reddish auburn hair up into a high ponytail, and smelled her way into the kitchen where her mom was looking through the days mail. "Hi mom" " hi sweetheart" her mom replied " oh, look there's something here for you" she handed Cadence a creme colored envelope with her name and address printed in in fancy cursive letters she looked at the aturn address but there was none, wondering who it was from she carefully tore it opened , she slid the paper out and unfolded it, your invited! It said in big bold letters, it was to a sleepover at her friend Feathers house for her 17th birthday!     Cadence told her mom and her mom said she could go, it was in three days! 

On the day of the sleepover , Cadence scurried around her room making sure she had everything she hurried down the stairs carrying her things when she heard a small knock on the door she opened the door to find a girl a little taller then she was with long wavy blonde hair that fell around her shoulders, her eyes where dark and mysteries. "Hi Feather!" Cadence said to her friend as she gave her a hug " hi Cadence!" Feather replied her voice was soft and smooth, the girls got into the car and they drove off. The car pulled a driveway to a small blue sky house. They got out of the car and went inside using a sunny yellow front door. " here, I need to show you something!" Feather said happily as she took Cadence's hand and lad her to a small bedroom. The walls were blue and in a corner there was a bed with a purple quilt and a matching pillow, on another wall there was a big wooden dresser and on the wood floor there was a fuzzy light blue rug. Feather who had gone away for a moment came back with a cute orange tabby kitten in her arms! She was tiny! Feather told her that she had gotten her for her birthday and her name was Skye, after playing and squealing over the kitten , since it was later in the evening and they had already eaten, they got into their pajamas, Feather came out in a big cozy hoodie and Cadence was in her sweater. They turned on a movie and the light slowly turned into darkness. Since Feathers parents were asleep the watched the movie on Feathers phone and used earbuds so they would not wake them up, after that Cadence handed her friend a small box wrapped in shiny purple paper Feather slowly and ca full not to rip the paper opened the box to find a necklace! It was a beautiful feather held onto a delicate chain by mettle the swirled around the feather in and elaborate design, " oh!" Gasped Feather " I love it! Thank you!" She said happily as she put it on " I am glad you like it!" Replied Cadence. 

Feather ^

Hope ya like it! ;) 


Saturday, June 14

Bake sale Fundraiser!

Yesterday we had a Fundraiser at our pool clubhouse! it was for three Adoptions! Me and my sister Celia and our friends Layne,  Mia, Hannah, Anna, and Joy  raised $60.42! (remember to click on there names to see their amazing blogs!) here are some picks I took of the fundraiser:

A yummy cupcake Anna made! :)

I love the colors on these cupcakes Joy made!



And a pic Mia took of me! ;)

Banana and Bear Summer Photo Challenge! #1

yay! Banana and Bear are having a summer photo challenge!!! check it out HERE! 

here is my entry for the first category:

The first category is food! ;) 



Friday, June 13

C. C. C. W. C # 3

When Cadence got home she fixed herself a bagel and then went over to the small cozy back porch and ate her breakfast swinging on the swing. She thought about the day before and what had happened that day, she was confused, lost in the storm of her thoughts as they swirled around and around. 

She felt so sad, and confused why had her friend gone? Why had it even happened? Why? Tears filled her eyes. 

She felt so lost, even though she knew were she was. She sat there quietly finishing her bagel while thinking of her best friend, 

She jumped up at the sound of the doorbell, she quickly whipped away the tears, she wondered who it could be as she made her way to the front door and opened it to the sight of Ryan.

" oh, hey!" She said surprised " sorry I came by so early,  I just wanted to see if you'd want to come over? He said quickly " that's okay! I'll ask" she replied she let him in the house and told him to wait there while she checked with her mom. 

She found her mom in the art room, her mom loved to paint right now she was painting a beautiful horse the horse seemed sad and scared in the picture though it was so beautiful. She gently tapped her moms shoulder, her mom turned around  " Cadence! What a lovely surprise!" Her mom said, Her voice was like a cool breeze in the middle of summer, happy, and refreshing.  And her eyes twinkled merrily. " hey mom I am going to go over across the street, if that's okay?" Asked Cadence " sure! That's okay! Just don't be away too long" 

Cadence left her mom to her work and went back to Ryan " my mom said it was okay" she told him. They left the house and walked quietly along the street until they got to his house,it was a big old house  with a red cheery door, They walked up the steps as they creaked under their feet. He opened the door and she gratefully walked inside to find a big room with cozy chairs and a big couch, " so this is the living room" he told her " as you can tell we are still packing" he said as he gestured to a few cardboard boxes in the corner.   She followed him as he made his way down some rickety steps to what looked like it was going to be he basement but when they got down their it seemed to be some kind of bedroom or used to be for now it was covered it paper with drawings, or notes. Their was a girl crouched on top of it all she looked about cadences age maybe a little younger, she was skinny with a mop of either black or really dark brown hair that hung down around her face,  she knelt over the paper pencil in her hand she drew what looked like a house. She stuck out her tounge and chewed it lightly wondered what to add to her picture next, " this is Chase my sister" said Ryan " Chase this is Cadence from a few blocks away" Chase looked up her eyes were the same dark brown as Ryan's but they had a more gray tint in them. " hi!" Said Chase her voice was small and a little bit high pitched but it sounded confident. " hi!" Replied Cadence. " oh no!" Said Chase " what is it are you okay!" Cadence said alarmed " I forgot how to breath!" Said Chase " oh no! What do I do!" Cadence asked " just joking!" Said Chase " she likes to joke around" Ryan explained " not always the funniest jokes though if you ask me!" They left Chase, and went back upstairs " hey do you want to see something cool?" Asked Ryan " sure!" Cadence replied they went outside and Ryan led her back into the thick woods in the back of there backyard after a little bit they came to a big tree and set in the tree was a small house! A treehouse! " here follow me!" Ryan told her he climbed up a long rope ladder and she followed when she got up she found a cozy room in the small treehouse there were fun bee bags shells stacked with paper and pencils a colorful rug and a big easel! " wow!" Said Cadence " his is amazing!" " thanks!" He replied they ament a little of time just looking around the room admiring it. They both turned when they heard someone coming up, it turned out to be Chase! " hi guy!" Chase said cheerily " have you showed her yet?" She said softly to Ryan " not yet" he told her " oh then your in for a treat!" Chase said to Cadence, Chase took Cadences arm and lend her to a small door that she had not even noticed before Chase opened the door and the wind rushed in " I'll do it first so you can see what it's like!" Chase told her she latched the door open and then grabbed a swing that was attached to a long metal rope thing that seemed to go strait to another tree,  a zip-line! Chase took hold of the rope and jumped bravely onto the swing! She sped off until they couldn't even see her! Then here came the swing but Chase was nowhere to be seen! " it's okay!" Ryan said when he saw her concerned look " there's a platform to get off at the other side. " do you want to try?"  Cadence hesitated " umm, sure" she said ones he told her how to do it she took hold of the rope and jumped on. The air whipped past her, she felt like she was flying, trees flew by, she looked back Ryan was getting smaller and smaller, it was so fast, so thrilling she started to slow down, she saw Chase waiting on a platform in the trees. When she was above the platform she carefully lowered herself to the ground then said to Chase " that was amazing!" 

They went back and forth using the zip line a few more times and then they all decided to go back to the house after a long day.  

Hope ya like it! ;) 


Monday, June 9

Warm hugs tag!!! :)

Bethan from Think. Read. Write. Dream  tagged me for the Warm Hugs Tag!!!! :) thank you sooo much Bethan!!!!!!! <3 check out her AMAZING blog HERE!

1. Follow the blog(s) that tagged you (optional).

2. Post 2 or more pictures that include your favourite characters, books, movies or lyrics from songs (they can also be your own edits or pictures).
3. Tag 5 or more bloggers and tell them.
4. Answer the 10 questions the blogger that nominated you has written, related to books, characters etc.
5. Create your own answers having to do with the same thing.

Bethan's questions!: 

1. Favourite Disney quote?

I like the quotes from Frozen "don't be the monster they fear you are" and " some people are worth melting for" but there are so many good quotes I can't decide on a fav?! :) 

2. Favourite fictional characters?

My fav fictional charcter would have to be Luna Lovegood from Harry potter!!! 

3. If you could party with one fictional character, who would you want to party with?

Definitely Luna Lovegood!!! :) 

4. Favourite Disney princess movie?

Frozen! I also like Tangled! :) 

5. Would you rather spend a day with your favourite fictional character in their world or have an unlimited amount of money to spend on books for the rest of your life? (hehe evil >:) )

I would spend a day with my fav fictional character!!! ( Luna Lovegood!) ;) 

6. Have you ever been to Disney Land? If you have, how many times?

I have never been to disney land. ;) 

7. What song describes you the most?

Not sure! :) 

8. Which character death made you the most sad?

Ooh, this one is hard! I haven't read the last harry potter books ( I'm on the sixth book) so I bet there will be at least one sad death that will be super sad. :( 

9. Which fictional character can you relate to the most?

Not sure!!! ;) 

10. What is your favourite message in a Disney movie and why?

Probably Frozen! I love the message they give in the movie that you just need to let it go and be yourself! Also it's cool how at first elsa is scared that her powers are going to hurt someone and she is keeping them inside and then she learns to let it go and embrace her powers so she uses her powers for good instead of keeping them hidden away!  

Thank you for the awseome questions Bethan! They were really fun! 

I tag: 

Layne from In My Boots

Hannah from A Southern Girls Life

Maiya from Wispy and Willowy


1. Who is your favorite fictional character?

2. If you could have a companion from any movie who would you have and from what movie? ( such as olaf!) 

3. If you could be in a movie what movie would you be in ( it can be one that has already been made) 

4. Have you ever been to disney world? 

5. Favorite disney princess song?

6. Do you like elsa or Anna from frozen? 

7. Favorite disney movie?

8. Favorite book? ( or book series) 

9. If you could meet any fictional character who would you meet? 

10. What disney princess is the most like you? 

Have fun!!! :) 


British flag nail tutorial! :)

Items you will need:

Nail pollish

Cut 4 thin pieces of tape and stick them onto your nail ( like above) 
If you would like you could paint all of your nail first let it dry and then stick on the tape.

Then paint over the tape and the nail ( mine is really messy but I cleaned it up afterward) 

Ones the paint dries carefully pull of the tape some of the tape broke when I did it so i used tweezers for some parts. 

And your done! ( the pic above is of a different nail then the one of the tuterial pics just wanted to say that so your not wondering how it got red to black!) 

Have fun! 


Saturday, June 7

C.C.C.W.C chapter 2

Yay! Time for another chapter! This time you have to: 

Here is my chapter I wrote!: 

The next morning she woke up to find her bed looking like someone had been tossing and turning in it all night. Then Cadence remembered, that night she had a dream. Her dream was very hard to explain she had been somehow like turning into something like the moon ( or something) she was like dying but then again she was still alive her head was like turning backwards. Then she had woken up but she was only half awake, half asleep, someone was shaking her then she realized it was her cousin Alexia. Her cousin had stayed over that night. "Cadence!" Said Alexis. Alexia had asked her questions like how many fingers am i holding  out. Finally Cadence had woken up all the  way. Alexia and Cadence walked over to the beds and then gotten in and fallen back to sleep.  

Now Cadence sat on the edge of her bed thinking about the dream. Alexia was still asleep and Cadence didn't want to wake her up seeing that it was her fault her cousin was so tired. She slowly got up and carefully tiptoed out of the room. 
She thought it would be nice to get some fresh air and go outside so she got dressed and pulled over  her oversized favorite sweater and went out the side door. 

Right when the door closed and the air hit her face she felt better, the air was cold and refreshing after the long night she had had. She decided to take a walk , she started down the street it was still dark outside but she didn't care. 
She was so lost in her thoughts that she suddenly bumped into someone she stumbled and fell Backward rubbing her head she quickly got up. She looked up to see a tall boy she didn't know. He looked about 17 or maybe even 18 years old. He had chocolate brown hair and brown eyes that matched his hair.  He was wearing a skinny jeans and a brown and creamy white striped sweater. " are you okay?!" Asked Cadence " yes, are you?!" The boy answered,  his voice was low and smooth. " yes, I am so sorry I didn't watch were I was walking.." " don't worry about it! " he friendly cut in  " i wasn't watching either" she then noticed that he had been holding a notebook and some other drawing supply's which were now strewn across the side walk he quickly bent over and started collecting his things, Cadence hurriedly bent over to help. There were lots of crayons, crayons of all colors sunny yellows, cheerful pinks, and sky blues. They lit up the dark side walk, she scooped some up carful not to break  any. She handed them to the boy and he put them into a small wooden box he had been carrying. 

Ones they were done. Cadence said " oh, I'm Cadence" " I'm Ryan" he replied "I just moved in a few blocks down" , ' I live right over there" Cadence said as she pointed to her house. They were quite for a few minuets then Cadence said " so do you like to draw" she said nodding to his drawing things. " yeah, that's why I came out this early I wanted to draw the sun rise!" He said " do you want to see some of my drawings?" " okay!" He sat down down on the curb of the side walk she hesitated then sat down too. He flipped open the book to a random page the picture was of a pair of high top converse they were beautifully well drawn, this is of my converse that I wear all the time!" He told her " just sayin!" She looked down and sure enough he was wearing a pair of black high top converse that looked just like the picture, " wow! It amazing!" She answered, they spent a few more minuets flipping through his book, 

Then they got up " well, I better get going" she told him " yeah me too" he said. Then not knowing what to say next they both went there separate ways home.  


Hope u like it!!! :) I am really happy about how it turned out! :) 

-elly <3 

Thursday, June 5

C.C.C.W.C #1

Over at my sisters blog Crazy. Crazy. Crazy she is having a writing challenge! Go check her blog out! The address is:   blue-freckled-nargles.blogspot.com 

Well anyways I decided to participate in it!!!!  :) 

Here is the first chaper: 


"Why was life so confusing? Why did things have to happen the way they did? Why had she not done anything? Why?" 

These were the thoughts that had been falling through 16 year old Cadence's head like the rain that was falling through the crisp cold air. She went on her way, her hair swinging back and forth, her backpack heavy like the burdens she kept. She thought about what had happened earlier today the sights, the sounds, the smells! Everything was happy and calm but she had felt something was not right. They had been in the park just her best friend and her, Cadence new that her friend was ill at the moment but that still didn't prepare her for what happened that day. Then her best friend had clutched her arm, Cadence had looked back at her friend to see a face that was not the funny happy girl her friend was, this was a scared sad girl. "What's wrong?" Asked Cadence but it was too late. She watched in terror as her best friend collapsed 
to the ground. Cadence sank to the ground with her and and held her friend in her arms for the last time. 

Now Cadence walked home filled with grieve. She walked home sad and tired. 
She remembered all of the memories she had with her friend. Why did things have to happen the way they did that day. Why? 


Monday, June 2

Luna lovegood bush! :)!

Yesterday my sisters Celia, audrey and our neighbor Hudson made this bush we have into Katniss Everdeen ( from the hunger games) they made it out of stuff they found in our garage! Celia will probably post about it on her blog Crazy. Crazy. Crazy! 
It was so cool I just had to make a luna lovegood bush! 

Here she is: 


Tada! :) 

Her arms is a long piece of wood with gardening gloves for hands, her legs is a pool noodle with converse! 

Her hair is an old tee shirt, her eyes are pieces of chalk, her mouth is a piece of string! And if you look closely then u can see her necklace! :) 

And of course she has her Quibbler! 

And her wand! 

I made her earrings out of green small pieces of chalk tied to the red parts of badmitten things ( if u know what I mean!) ;) 

Well that's about it!!! ;)