Elly Lily: British flag nail tutorial! :)

Monday, June 9

British flag nail tutorial! :)

Items you will need:

Nail pollish

Cut 4 thin pieces of tape and stick them onto your nail ( like above) 
If you would like you could paint all of your nail first let it dry and then stick on the tape.

Then paint over the tape and the nail ( mine is really messy but I cleaned it up afterward) 

Ones the paint dries carefully pull of the tape some of the tape broke when I did it so i used tweezers for some parts. 

And your done! ( the pic above is of a different nail then the one of the tuterial pics just wanted to say that so your not wondering how it got red to black!) 

Have fun! 



  1. EPIC!!!!!!!! SOOOOO GOING TO TRY THAT!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome! My nails will be painted like so next time you see me, probably ;)

  3. OoO I need to try this now!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!