Elly Lily: C. C. C. W. C # 3

Friday, June 13

C. C. C. W. C # 3

When Cadence got home she fixed herself a bagel and then went over to the small cozy back porch and ate her breakfast swinging on the swing. She thought about the day before and what had happened that day, she was confused, lost in the storm of her thoughts as they swirled around and around. 

She felt so sad, and confused why had her friend gone? Why had it even happened? Why? Tears filled her eyes. 

She felt so lost, even though she knew were she was. She sat there quietly finishing her bagel while thinking of her best friend, 

She jumped up at the sound of the doorbell, she quickly whipped away the tears, she wondered who it could be as she made her way to the front door and opened it to the sight of Ryan.

" oh, hey!" She said surprised " sorry I came by so early,  I just wanted to see if you'd want to come over? He said quickly " that's okay! I'll ask" she replied she let him in the house and told him to wait there while she checked with her mom. 

She found her mom in the art room, her mom loved to paint right now she was painting a beautiful horse the horse seemed sad and scared in the picture though it was so beautiful. She gently tapped her moms shoulder, her mom turned around  " Cadence! What a lovely surprise!" Her mom said, Her voice was like a cool breeze in the middle of summer, happy, and refreshing.  And her eyes twinkled merrily. " hey mom I am going to go over across the street, if that's okay?" Asked Cadence " sure! That's okay! Just don't be away too long" 

Cadence left her mom to her work and went back to Ryan " my mom said it was okay" she told him. They left the house and walked quietly along the street until they got to his house,it was a big old house  with a red cheery door, They walked up the steps as they creaked under their feet. He opened the door and she gratefully walked inside to find a big room with cozy chairs and a big couch, " so this is the living room" he told her " as you can tell we are still packing" he said as he gestured to a few cardboard boxes in the corner.   She followed him as he made his way down some rickety steps to what looked like it was going to be he basement but when they got down their it seemed to be some kind of bedroom or used to be for now it was covered it paper with drawings, or notes. Their was a girl crouched on top of it all she looked about cadences age maybe a little younger, she was skinny with a mop of either black or really dark brown hair that hung down around her face,  she knelt over the paper pencil in her hand she drew what looked like a house. She stuck out her tounge and chewed it lightly wondered what to add to her picture next, " this is Chase my sister" said Ryan " Chase this is Cadence from a few blocks away" Chase looked up her eyes were the same dark brown as Ryan's but they had a more gray tint in them. " hi!" Said Chase her voice was small and a little bit high pitched but it sounded confident. " hi!" Replied Cadence. " oh no!" Said Chase " what is it are you okay!" Cadence said alarmed " I forgot how to breath!" Said Chase " oh no! What do I do!" Cadence asked " just joking!" Said Chase " she likes to joke around" Ryan explained " not always the funniest jokes though if you ask me!" They left Chase, and went back upstairs " hey do you want to see something cool?" Asked Ryan " sure!" Cadence replied they went outside and Ryan led her back into the thick woods in the back of there backyard after a little bit they came to a big tree and set in the tree was a small house! A treehouse! " here follow me!" Ryan told her he climbed up a long rope ladder and she followed when she got up she found a cozy room in the small treehouse there were fun bee bags shells stacked with paper and pencils a colorful rug and a big easel! " wow!" Said Cadence " his is amazing!" " thanks!" He replied they ament a little of time just looking around the room admiring it. They both turned when they heard someone coming up, it turned out to be Chase! " hi guy!" Chase said cheerily " have you showed her yet?" She said softly to Ryan " not yet" he told her " oh then your in for a treat!" Chase said to Cadence, Chase took Cadences arm and lend her to a small door that she had not even noticed before Chase opened the door and the wind rushed in " I'll do it first so you can see what it's like!" Chase told her she latched the door open and then grabbed a swing that was attached to a long metal rope thing that seemed to go strait to another tree,  a zip-line! Chase took hold of the rope and jumped bravely onto the swing! She sped off until they couldn't even see her! Then here came the swing but Chase was nowhere to be seen! " it's okay!" Ryan said when he saw her concerned look " there's a platform to get off at the other side. " do you want to try?"  Cadence hesitated " umm, sure" she said ones he told her how to do it she took hold of the rope and jumped on. The air whipped past her, she felt like she was flying, trees flew by, she looked back Ryan was getting smaller and smaller, it was so fast, so thrilling she started to slow down, she saw Chase waiting on a platform in the trees. When she was above the platform she carefully lowered herself to the ground then said to Chase " that was amazing!" 

They went back and forth using the zip line a few more times and then they all decided to go back to the house after a long day.  

Hope ya like it! ;) 


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