Elly Lily: C. C. C. W. C #4

Friday, June 27

C. C. C. W. C #4

Hi! So sorry I haven't been posting. Well here is chapter 4 for the Crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Writing. Challenge! (Sorry it's so late) 

Cadence got home to the warm, inviting smell of brownies. She swept her wavy reddish auburn hair up into a high ponytail, and smelled her way into the kitchen where her mom was looking through the days mail. "Hi mom" " hi sweetheart" her mom replied " oh, look there's something here for you" she handed Cadence a creme colored envelope with her name and address printed in in fancy cursive letters she looked at the aturn address but there was none, wondering who it was from she carefully tore it opened , she slid the paper out and unfolded it, your invited! It said in big bold letters, it was to a sleepover at her friend Feathers house for her 17th birthday!     Cadence told her mom and her mom said she could go, it was in three days! 

On the day of the sleepover , Cadence scurried around her room making sure she had everything she hurried down the stairs carrying her things when she heard a small knock on the door she opened the door to find a girl a little taller then she was with long wavy blonde hair that fell around her shoulders, her eyes where dark and mysteries. "Hi Feather!" Cadence said to her friend as she gave her a hug " hi Cadence!" Feather replied her voice was soft and smooth, the girls got into the car and they drove off. The car pulled a driveway to a small blue sky house. They got out of the car and went inside using a sunny yellow front door. " here, I need to show you something!" Feather said happily as she took Cadence's hand and lad her to a small bedroom. The walls were blue and in a corner there was a bed with a purple quilt and a matching pillow, on another wall there was a big wooden dresser and on the wood floor there was a fuzzy light blue rug. Feather who had gone away for a moment came back with a cute orange tabby kitten in her arms! She was tiny! Feather told her that she had gotten her for her birthday and her name was Skye, after playing and squealing over the kitten , since it was later in the evening and they had already eaten, they got into their pajamas, Feather came out in a big cozy hoodie and Cadence was in her sweater. They turned on a movie and the light slowly turned into darkness. Since Feathers parents were asleep the watched the movie on Feathers phone and used earbuds so they would not wake them up, after that Cadence handed her friend a small box wrapped in shiny purple paper Feather slowly and ca full not to rip the paper opened the box to find a necklace! It was a beautiful feather held onto a delicate chain by mettle the swirled around the feather in and elaborate design, " oh!" Gasped Feather " I love it! Thank you!" She said happily as she put it on " I am glad you like it!" Replied Cadence. 

Feather ^

Hope ya like it! ;) 


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