Elly Lily: C.C.C.W.C #1

Thursday, June 5

C.C.C.W.C #1

Over at my sisters blog Crazy. Crazy. Crazy she is having a writing challenge! Go check her blog out! The address is:   blue-freckled-nargles.blogspot.com 

Well anyways I decided to participate in it!!!!  :) 

Here is the first chaper: 


"Why was life so confusing? Why did things have to happen the way they did? Why had she not done anything? Why?" 

These were the thoughts that had been falling through 16 year old Cadence's head like the rain that was falling through the crisp cold air. She went on her way, her hair swinging back and forth, her backpack heavy like the burdens she kept. She thought about what had happened earlier today the sights, the sounds, the smells! Everything was happy and calm but she had felt something was not right. They had been in the park just her best friend and her, Cadence new that her friend was ill at the moment but that still didn't prepare her for what happened that day. Then her best friend had clutched her arm, Cadence had looked back at her friend to see a face that was not the funny happy girl her friend was, this was a scared sad girl. "What's wrong?" Asked Cadence but it was too late. She watched in terror as her best friend collapsed 
to the ground. Cadence sank to the ground with her and and held her friend in her arms for the last time. 

Now Cadence walked home filled with grieve. She walked home sad and tired. 
She remembered all of the memories she had with her friend. Why did things have to happen the way they did that day. Why? 



  1. That was good! :) Now I have to wait for the next chapter for it to get happy!! Noooo, a cliff hanger!!! :P

  2. What?I Oh my goodness, girl! Why do you do this to me?? It was so beautiful... I seriously cannot wait for the next chapter!

  3. Thank u Joy and Rachel! :) I am so glad you like it!!!! :)

  4. Interested and captivating - wonderful job!
    Tane ♥