Elly Lily: C.C.C.W.C chapter 2

Saturday, June 7

C.C.C.W.C chapter 2

Yay! Time for another chapter! This time you have to: 

Here is my chapter I wrote!: 

The next morning she woke up to find her bed looking like someone had been tossing and turning in it all night. Then Cadence remembered, that night she had a dream. Her dream was very hard to explain she had been somehow like turning into something like the moon ( or something) she was like dying but then again she was still alive her head was like turning backwards. Then she had woken up but she was only half awake, half asleep, someone was shaking her then she realized it was her cousin Alexia. Her cousin had stayed over that night. "Cadence!" Said Alexis. Alexia had asked her questions like how many fingers am i holding  out. Finally Cadence had woken up all the  way. Alexia and Cadence walked over to the beds and then gotten in and fallen back to sleep.  

Now Cadence sat on the edge of her bed thinking about the dream. Alexia was still asleep and Cadence didn't want to wake her up seeing that it was her fault her cousin was so tired. She slowly got up and carefully tiptoed out of the room. 
She thought it would be nice to get some fresh air and go outside so she got dressed and pulled over  her oversized favorite sweater and went out the side door. 

Right when the door closed and the air hit her face she felt better, the air was cold and refreshing after the long night she had had. She decided to take a walk , she started down the street it was still dark outside but she didn't care. 
She was so lost in her thoughts that she suddenly bumped into someone she stumbled and fell Backward rubbing her head she quickly got up. She looked up to see a tall boy she didn't know. He looked about 17 or maybe even 18 years old. He had chocolate brown hair and brown eyes that matched his hair.  He was wearing a skinny jeans and a brown and creamy white striped sweater. " are you okay?!" Asked Cadence " yes, are you?!" The boy answered,  his voice was low and smooth. " yes, I am so sorry I didn't watch were I was walking.." " don't worry about it! " he friendly cut in  " i wasn't watching either" she then noticed that he had been holding a notebook and some other drawing supply's which were now strewn across the side walk he quickly bent over and started collecting his things, Cadence hurriedly bent over to help. There were lots of crayons, crayons of all colors sunny yellows, cheerful pinks, and sky blues. They lit up the dark side walk, she scooped some up carful not to break  any. She handed them to the boy and he put them into a small wooden box he had been carrying. 

Ones they were done. Cadence said " oh, I'm Cadence" " I'm Ryan" he replied "I just moved in a few blocks down" , ' I live right over there" Cadence said as she pointed to her house. They were quite for a few minuets then Cadence said " so do you like to draw" she said nodding to his drawing things. " yeah, that's why I came out this early I wanted to draw the sun rise!" He said " do you want to see some of my drawings?" " okay!" He sat down down on the curb of the side walk she hesitated then sat down too. He flipped open the book to a random page the picture was of a pair of high top converse they were beautifully well drawn, this is of my converse that I wear all the time!" He told her " just sayin!" She looked down and sure enough he was wearing a pair of black high top converse that looked just like the picture, " wow! It amazing!" She answered, they spent a few more minuets flipping through his book, 

Then they got up " well, I better get going" she told him " yeah me too" he said. Then not knowing what to say next they both went there separate ways home.  


Hope u like it!!! :) I am really happy about how it turned out! :) 

-elly <3 

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