Elly Lily: Luna lovegood bush! :)!

Monday, June 2

Luna lovegood bush! :)!

Yesterday my sisters Celia, audrey and our neighbor Hudson made this bush we have into Katniss Everdeen ( from the hunger games) they made it out of stuff they found in our garage! Celia will probably post about it on her blog Crazy. Crazy. Crazy! 
It was so cool I just had to make a luna lovegood bush! 

Here she is: 


Tada! :) 

Her arms is a long piece of wood with gardening gloves for hands, her legs is a pool noodle with converse! 

Her hair is an old tee shirt, her eyes are pieces of chalk, her mouth is a piece of string! And if you look closely then u can see her necklace! :) 

And of course she has her Quibbler! 

And her wand! 

I made her earrings out of green small pieces of chalk tied to the red parts of badmitten things ( if u know what I mean!) ;) 

Well that's about it!!! ;) 



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  2. Love this so much!
    I am a rather big Harry Potter fan and am very impressed haha!!
    -Lauren xoxo

  3. So cool! I wuv Harry potter :)
    I tagged you in the Warm Hugs Tag, so go to my blog to read my questions and the rules and such :)


  4. Thanks glad u like it!!!! :) oh and thank u Bethan for nominating me!!!!! :)