Elly Lily: DIY jewelry nail art! :)

Thursday, July 24

DIY jewelry nail art! :)

So I've seen these and I thought they were so cool so I decided to make my own! :) 

Items you will need: 

Cardboard (you can also use cork board or another thing like that) ;)
String (optional)
Glue gun
And tacks (the ones u use on pin up boards) 

Lay your frame on the cardboard and trace the outside of it onto the cardboard.

Cut it out.

See if the cardboard fits inside the frame (trime it down to fit if it doesn't) 

Now lay the cardboard onto some fabric (on the wrong side of the fabric) trace around the cardboard.

Cut he fabric out make sure the cut it a little bigger then how you traced it (like above)

Fold the excesses fabric to the back and glue in place

Put it in the frame (I glued mine in so it would be extra secure. 

Push some tacks into the board wherever you like then hang some jewalry on the tacks and your done! 

-elly <3


  1. That is so cute and creative, plus it's super simple to make. I love this idea. Now if only I had a reason to make one of these... (Im not a fan of jewellery and that kinda stuff, you see...) hehe :P


  2. That is really original and cute, and it looks so easy to make! I am going to make some of these for presents, hehe!
    Paige | The Joys Of Being Paige

  3. That looks fun to make! -Jollygirl from the blog: http://reflectionsofajollygirl.blogspot.com

  4. Hey! I tagged you to do the movie tag :)
    -Lauren xoxo