Elly Lily: August 2014

Wednesday, August 27

Updates, random pics, and things like that!

Hi everyone!

here is just some really random pics:

Lately on Pinterest I have been pinning pics of  ice cream!

LOVE this quote!

I made this little hamburger out of silly putty!

this is so cool!


I have been obsessed with Stich! he is just sooo cute!!!

So on Pinterest I saw his cool and funny picture with different things you can do to gummy bears! 

Here it is (sorry it's so small) 


Already I have done the heart transplant and the limb transplant! 

A stich stuffed animal!!!!!!! <3 

I have been loving to eat fruit and yogurt!!!!! It is so good! I especially like strawberries in yogurt! :)  

Also bethany mota videos on YouTube are awseome!!!! :D

We found this giant mushroom in the woods!!! Oh, and as you can see in the pic i got new tennis shoes! 

My fluffy cat Prilla!!! <3 

I finished the Harry Potter books! They were soooooooo good! ABSOLUTELY BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!! 


A few days ago we clogged at an event!  that is me in the middle of the pic! ;) 

i love the style called Kawaii! It is just so cute! :) 

Wow! That was a long and fun post! I will probably do these more often! ;) 
Also a BIG thank you to all of the people who want to do the photo challenge!!!! It means so much to me! <3

-elly <3 

Thursday, August 21

Movie Tag!

So Lauren from Pretty Things & Polka Dots  tagged me for the Movie Tag! Thank you Lauren! ;)

do you like the pic I made for it?! you may use it but please give me credit with a link to my blog! ;)

1. What is your favourite movie of all time?

Ooh! this is so hard! I love all of the Harry Potter movies, Frozen, and The Lego movie, 

2. What is your favourite scene from that film?

Not really sure but in Harry Potter (the last one) I don't know why but I like the part where the Malfoys walk off (don't know if its my favorite though) and in the Lego movie I love the part where Vartruvius (don't know how to spell it) is the ghost and he says the line: "I forgot to tell you because I died"

3. Who are your favourite Actors and actresses?

Evanna Lynch!

4. Who do you think is the best director?

all of the directors for the Harry Potter movies!

5. What is your favourite guilty pleasure film?

not sure :/

6. Favourite tear jerker?

I don't really cry at movies but I always seem to cry a little at the movie called Chestnut about a great dane dog! lol ;D

7. What is the film you love, but everyone hates?

well, mostly the movies I like lots of people also like ;)

8. Favourite movie duo?

probably Timon and Pumba 

9. What is your favourite animated film?

probably Frozen!!!

10. Favourite Actor/Actress crush?

don't have one.

11. If you could only keep one movie, what would it be?

any of the Harry Potter movies!

12. You are about to die and you can only watch one film, which would you choose?

either the fourth Harry Potter movie or How to train your dragon 2 (I haven't seen it yet!)

13. What is the movie you remember first watching in the cinema?

Horton heres a who! 

My fav movies:

I tag:

Layne from In My Boots


Joy from Another Enchanted Land

-Elly <3

Wednesday, August 20

Liebster Award!

credit goes to Celia for the pic!

Celia from Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.  nominated me for the Liebster award! Thank you so much Celia! ;)

1. favorite song at the moment?

Right now I love Let it Go from frozen! And  I got that rock 'n' roll from Austin and Ally (I think that's what it's called) 

2. rainy days or sunny days?
sunny days!
3. favorite sport?
acting and volleyball!
4. what is the reason for your blog name? (how did you come up with the name, and why is it your name).
actually you kind of  thought of it! ;) I wanted I simple blog name and I just really like this name I guess! :)
5. favorite guy character?
probably Neville Longbottom!
6. favorite girl character?
Luna Lovegood!
7. favorite color (at the moment) ?
8. what is your favorite dessert?
ooh, this is so hard! but lately I have really been craving cupcakes! yum!
9. if you could have one character be real, and you guys where BFFs, witch character would you pick, and why?
Luna Lovegood! cause she is just plain AWESOME! also she is such a good friend and would be interesting to talk to! <3
10. what are you doing right now?
right now I am writing this post and as you already know you and I are about to watch the last part of Harry Potter!!! I have never seen it and I am sooooooo exited!!! :D
11. witch of these questions was your favorite?
I loved all of them but I really liked number nine!
I nominate:
My questions?
1. if you could live any place where would you live?
2. favorite book?
3. one fact about yourself?
6. favorite fictional character?
7. dogs or cats?
8. favorite season?
9. what do you see right now?
10. least favorite food?
11. what do you do when your bored?
-Elly <3

Sunshine award!

Lizzie from Castle In The Air  nominated me for the Sunshine award! thank you Lizzie! ;)

all credit for the pic goes to Celia for making it check out her blog HERE!

1. Rather live in a mansion or a cute log cabin?

probably a mansion but a log cabin would be fun to!

2. Most hated color

I love all colors but I am not big into orange.

3. Do you like pancakes?


4. Fave thing to eat for lunch

I love pizza!

5. Pasta or rice?

It depends!

6. Fave animated character (can be from any movie)

ooh, this is sooo hard! I like Olaf, Elsa, Ana, Sven, Stich, Toothless, and so much more! ;D

7. Do you like carrots?


8. Annoying thing that you do?

I sometimes talk a lot!

9. Have you eaten any strange foods?

I love manias and mustard sandwhichs! I also like peanut butter, lettuce, and manias sandwhichs!

10. Fave berry?

I love strawberries and raspberries!

I nominate:

Sarah from Sarah, Plain, & Average


Maiya from Wispy and Willowy

My Questions

1. why did you start blogging?
2. what are you wearing right now?
3. favorite hairstyle?
4. favorite fictional character?
5. reading or writing?
6. day or night?
7. if you could live in a fictional world what world would that be?
8. favorite type of shoe?
9. what did you just eat?
10. do you have any pets?

-Elly <3

Tuesday, August 19

Beautiful Blog award again! ;)

Anna nominated me for the Beautiful Blog award! Thank you sooo much Anna! :)


                                                                      Her questions:

1. Do you like waking up early or waking up late better?
Waking up early!
2. Do you like Sunflower Seeds?
not sure!
3. Would you rather dye your hair pink or lime green?
pink! :D
4. Do you like writing blogs or photography blogs better?  OR do you prefer a good
combination of the two, like me ? ;)
I like a combination!
5. Unicorns or Nargles? 
6. Dancing in the Rain or Singing in the Shower?
I guess dancing in the rain! I have never really sung in to shower before
7. Do you like cooking or baking more?
Baking! <3
8. Would you rather eat cupcakes at Midnight or Pizza at 6:00am?
ooh this is so hard! but I guess pizza!
9. Who is your favorite singer with blonde hair?
I don't really have one!
10. Lime Jello or Vanilla Pudding?
vanilla pudding! (I have never had Lime Jello)
I nominate:
and whoever would like to!
My questions:
1. favorite book?
2. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
3. How long have you been blogging?
4. why did you start blogging?
5. favorite number?
6. if you could spend a day with one fictional character which character would it be?
7. taking pics or being in them?
8. what hairstyle is your hair in right now?
9. do you have any pets?
10. favorite fruit?
-Elly <3

Kindred Spirit award!!!

Lizzie from Castle In The Air nominated me for the Kindred Spirit award! thank you so much!!! :)

Her questions:

1. Mental age?

sorry not sure :/

2. Any pets?

I have a fluffy gray cat named Prilla, and two rabbits a big black one named Ashur and a small white one named Nibbly!

3. Least fave book?

sorry don't know.

4. Thoughts on rain?

I am not a big fan of rain but sometimes its nice and cozy feeling! ;)

5. Choose one word to describe yourself

Weird I guess! ;)

6. Fave thing about yourself

umm not really sure I guess my hands?!

7. Fave thing about your best friend

I LOVE everything! also she is really creative and funny!

8. One thing you liked most about Summer 2014 :)

ooh, this is hard! I loved going to the pool and doing camps!

9. Tell me a joke!!!

I don't really know any good jokes ;/

10. One random fact about you

I have curly hair. ;)

I nominate:

Hannah from A Southern Girls Life


Rose from Truly. Madly. Deeply.

My questions?

1. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life what would that book be?
2. day time or night?
3. what are you wearing right now?
4. favorite hairstyle?
5. reading or writing?
6. what fictional characters death made you the most sad?
7. a dream you ones had?
8. what do you usually have for breakfast?
9. do you play any instruments?
10. what do you smell right now?

-elly <3