Elly Lily: Beautiful Blog award again! ;)

Tuesday, August 19

Beautiful Blog award again! ;)

Anna nominated me for the Beautiful Blog award! Thank you sooo much Anna! :)


                                                                      Her questions:

1. Do you like waking up early or waking up late better?
Waking up early!
2. Do you like Sunflower Seeds?
not sure!
3. Would you rather dye your hair pink or lime green?
pink! :D
4. Do you like writing blogs or photography blogs better?  OR do you prefer a good
combination of the two, like me ? ;)
I like a combination!
5. Unicorns or Nargles? 
6. Dancing in the Rain or Singing in the Shower?
I guess dancing in the rain! I have never really sung in to shower before
7. Do you like cooking or baking more?
Baking! <3
8. Would you rather eat cupcakes at Midnight or Pizza at 6:00am?
ooh this is so hard! but I guess pizza!
9. Who is your favorite singer with blonde hair?
I don't really have one!
10. Lime Jello or Vanilla Pudding?
vanilla pudding! (I have never had Lime Jello)
I nominate:
and whoever would like to!
My questions:
1. favorite book?
2. Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
3. How long have you been blogging?
4. why did you start blogging?
5. favorite number?
6. if you could spend a day with one fictional character which character would it be?
7. taking pics or being in them?
8. what hairstyle is your hair in right now?
9. do you have any pets?
10. favorite fruit?
-Elly <3