Elly Lily: Frozen Award!

Wednesday, August 13

Frozen Award!

Hannah nominated me for the Frozen award! Thanks Hannah! :)

Rules: *Answer the questions your nominator has 
*Make your own Frozen 5 questions for your nominees (didn't want it to be to long because it would be harder to make a lot of questions that are different than others;))
* Nominate at least 2 people 
*Add your favorite Frozen quote and pic 

1: Who is your favorite Frozen character?

Ooh! this is hard! I love Olaf and Ana and Elsa!

2: If you had to have one of the Frozen characters as a sibling which one would it be?
Probably Ana!
3: Is there a part you would add or take away in Frozen? If so why?
4: What do you is the scariest part in Frozen?
I don't really think any part is scary in Frozen but if I had to pick the scariest part I guess it would be when Ana is trapped in the room getting frozen?
5: Some people say they should have had more parts with Olaf in it. Do you agree or disagree? If so why?
I think that they did a good job with Olaf! cause they had lots of parts with him but there are not tons so you can kind of focous on Ana and Elsa! ;)
I nominate:
My Questions:
1. Olaf or Sven?
2. are you more like Ana or Elsa?
3. If you could change one thing in the film what would it be?
4. Favorite Frozen quote?
5. Ana or Elsa?

Here are three of me favorite Frozen pics! 



  1. I need to watch this film, I hear so many good things about it!!
    A chic kiss from:

    instagram- @immandreaa