Elly Lily: Kindred Spirit award!!!

Tuesday, August 19

Kindred Spirit award!!!

Lizzie from Castle In The Air nominated me for the Kindred Spirit award! thank you so much!!! :)

Her questions:

1. Mental age?

sorry not sure :/

2. Any pets?

I have a fluffy gray cat named Prilla, and two rabbits a big black one named Ashur and a small white one named Nibbly!

3. Least fave book?

sorry don't know.

4. Thoughts on rain?

I am not a big fan of rain but sometimes its nice and cozy feeling! ;)

5. Choose one word to describe yourself

Weird I guess! ;)

6. Fave thing about yourself

umm not really sure I guess my hands?!

7. Fave thing about your best friend

I LOVE everything! also she is really creative and funny!

8. One thing you liked most about Summer 2014 :)

ooh, this is hard! I loved going to the pool and doing camps!

9. Tell me a joke!!!

I don't really know any good jokes ;/

10. One random fact about you

I have curly hair. ;)

I nominate:

Hannah from A Southern Girls Life


Rose from Truly. Madly. Deeply.

My questions?

1. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life what would that book be?
2. day time or night?
3. what are you wearing right now?
4. favorite hairstyle?
5. reading or writing?
6. what fictional characters death made you the most sad?
7. a dream you ones had?
8. what do you usually have for breakfast?
9. do you play any instruments?
10. what do you smell right now?

-elly <3