Elly Lily: Movie tag!

Wednesday, August 13

Movie tag!

Hannah from a A Southern Girls Life  and Lauren from  Pretty Things & Polka Dots Nominated me for the movie tag! Thank you Hannah and Lauren!!! <3 

1. What is your favorite movie of all time?

I like all of the Harry potter movies! 

2. What's your faborite scene from that movie?

I love it all! 

3. What's your favorite actor/actresses?

Evanna Lynch! 

4.What is your guilty pleaser film?

I'm not sure! 

5. What is your favorite tear movie?

Sorry don't know :/ 

6. What's your favorite movie that everyone hates?

Well, the movies that I like a lot of people like too

7. Favorite movie dou?

Not sure

8. Favorite animated film?


9. Favorite actor/actresses crush?

Don't have one.

10. If you could only keep one movie what would it be?

Probably the 4th Harry Potter movie! 

11. If you were about to die and could watch one more movie what would it be?

Again The 4th Harry Potter movie! 

12. what was the first movie you remember watching in the cinema?

Horton here's a who! 

Movies I love:



National Treasure.

Night at the Museum.

Harry Potter. 

I tag: 

-elly <3'


  1. Great post and Great answers!-reflectionsofajollygirl.blogspot.com

  2. Oh I love National Treasure! :D

  3. Thanks!!! :) I love National Treasure too! ;)


  4. Thanks! Yeah, National Treasure is awseome!!! :)