Iridescent Auras: Photo Contest!!!

Monday, August 18

Photo Contest!!!


Time for the A Girl Photo Contest!!!! do you like the Button I made for it? I have put it on my sidebar so if you are participating you can put it on your blog!

so for the contest there will be 3 categories:

1. people
2. food
3. animals

What to do:

. take 3 pictures one for each category
. post the pictures on your blog
. then comment on either this post or on the photo contest page with a link to your post

you have until September 1st to get all of your photos in!

I will post the pictures onto the photo contest page and I will probably do a post!

I will pick  first place, second place. and third place
(I will pick them for overall not for each category)

sorry but there will not be prizes for the winners but I will make a button or something for you to put on your blog!

if you have any questions just comment! ;)

Cant wait to see all of the entries!!! I am sooo exited!!! :D

-Elly <3



  1. It is so cool that you are doing a photo contest!

  2. Awesome! I'm entering! I think.... Lol I will try! :)

  3. Awesome! Can't wait! Totally going to do it! Anna wants to do it to!!!:D

  4. Awesome! I will have to enter:)

  5. Thank you all!!!!!! I am so glad you all want to enter!!! :)


  6. GAH I just found out about this but I'll try to do this! Hopefully... :)

    xoxo Morning

  7. Awseome! ;) hopefully you can! :D

  8. Hey girl! Got my photos in!:D Here's the link- Thanks for doing this it was so much fun!!!:D


  9. Hello! My photos are up at this link: