Elly Lily: Short story contest!

Monday, August 11

Short story contest!

So Joy is doing a short story contest check it out HERE!
Here is my entry:

    "I'll race you!"  Casper challenged, already riding ahead on his horse.
    "You didn't even say 'go'!"  I laughed, chasing after him on Rose my flea bitten gray Arabian horse.  I assumed we were racing to the edge of the trees that formed the woods because that was the direction we were headed.  I changed from a canter to a full on gallop, speeding ahead of Casper and his black tobiano Paint horse Jinx I might be a girl and a short one at that but I'm very competitive.  
    I glanced back and saw that Casper's eyes were wide open with an expression of shock.  I smirked back cockily because he was probably surprised that I had caught up so fast.  Then, I turned back around and realized it wasn't me he was shocked at.  I gasped and loosened my grip on the reigns in horror as I took in the whole picture. 
Curled up in the tall dry grass In front of me was a big rattlesnake, it was a sandy color with darker stripes, it's scales looked tough and mettle like, it's head was small and it's tung flashed in and out, and it's rattle at the end of its tale shook with a sound that would haunt me for ever.

I slowly and carefully backed Rose up making sure to keep an eye on the snake. I winced when she accidentally stepped on a twig it snapped in half with a loud crack. 

Then it happened the snake lashed out and stuck it's fangs into Rose's leg. She reared up and neighed which sounded more like a scream of terror, I slipped off of her smooth back and fell onto the ground with a thud, Casper came running he quickly helped me up and then we both rushed towards Rose we led her away from the angry snake.

I knelt next to her hoof and inspected it I could feel tears forming in my eyes, her hoof didn't look good. 

The next day I woke up thinking of all the fun things I was going to do with Rose then I remember of the snake bight. After it had happened we had brought her to the house and then my dad, Casper, and I had brought her to the vet. 

"I don't know what I will do If something happens to her" I thought as I sat on my bed thinking of my beloved horse. 

Hope ya like it!

-elly <3


  1. Great short story!- Jollygirl from the blog: reflectionsofajollygirl.blogspot.com

  2. Awesome! Thanks for entering! :D

  3. Nice! I nominated your for The Beautiful Blog Award! :) <3
    -Anna <3

  4. Hey I nominated you for two awards!!! http://castleintheair-inspired.blogspot.com/2014/08/2-awards.html

  5. Thanks Anna and Lizzie! :)

    -elly <3