Elly Lily: Ashville! Part 1

Friday, September 12

Ashville! Part 1

So a little while ago we went on a trip to Ashville! Here are some pics! :D 

Random pic I took in the car of my new sunglasses! ;) 

The amazing view! 

We went to a great resterant called tupelo Honey! This is what I got! 

The cabin we stayed at! :D 

On one of the days we stayed there we went on a walk at this place (forget what it was called) and their were lots of pretty flowers like his one! 

My mom's shoes! 

Me climbing a big tree! 

Another great view at the camp sight! 

The cool sign for the camp sight! :) 

That's all for now! 
-elly <3 


  1. I love your shoes and sunglasses!

  2. Thanks! (They are my moms shoes) :)

  3. The sunglasses are so pretty! Really enjoyed your nature-y pictures! <3

    cathy | hello, cathy

  4. Stunning pictures! I wish I was out in nature, seeing the beautiful scenery firsthand.
    Thank you for sharing them with us! You have such a beautiful blog, I love it!
    Followed you<3
    The Journeys' of my beating heart