Elly Lily: C. C. C. Writing challenge. Chapter 5

Monday, October 27

C. C. C. Writing challenge. Chapter 5

Cadence roughly shoved her school books into her bright blue backpack. She and Feather had woken up to the sound of Feather's mom's voice urging them to break out of their peaceful sleep and into the day. Unfortunately they had had their sleepover on a weekday, so they had to rush to get ready for school.

Staying up late chatting the night away while looking and the stars had seemed fun at the time, but now pulling on the wrong socks and pouring ketchup into their cereal still half asleep, they began to regret their decision. 

They hopped into Feather's mom's small yellow punch buggy that always mad Cadence remember the times where they had been younger and had always called out punch buggies they saw. Now as they rolled along Cadence thought of school. Today was the first day and she hoped nothing had changed since last year, when she had had a big group of friends and the teachers were nice, everything had been perfect.

As the car rumbled to a stop in front of the school Cadence got out.  Her eyes darted back and forth at the big brick school with doors the color of the bushes that lined the building.
With a deep breath Cadence joined Feather and went inside.

"Somehow the school seemed different" Cadence thought as she walked down the hall. She and Feather and parted their ways and she was now headed to her locker. "Something wasn't right" she knew that but she couldn't figure out what it was. "Hi!" Said an exited voice Cadence awkwardly dropped her books in surprise, she quickly knelt down down and started gathering the scattered books to find a small girl doing the same. "Sorry I startled you" said the girl "I do that a lot" she added with a nervous giggle. The girl had long dark brown hair, bangs that swept across her forehead, and big curious eyes. She was wearing long black socks,a cute black skirt, and on her matching long sleeved shirt she had tied a soft pink bow. "What's your name?" She asked Cadence "Cadence, what's yours?" Cadence replied "Kylie" she said "I am a foreign exchange student for japan!"  All of a sudden the bell rang Cadence grabbed the last book on the ground and shoved it in her bag as she said " nice meeting you! I better go now" but as she looked back up the girl was gone. 

Kylie. ^

Inspiration for Kylie's outfit ^

-elly <3