Elly Lily: November 2014

Sunday, November 30

Christmas decor room tour!!! ;)

Hi everyone!

So lately I have been making lots of Christmas d├ęcor for my room so I thought it would be fun to show you all my room!!!

Here is an over lay of my room!
My bed and on the wall there is a dream catcher that I made!

my desk!

the bulletin board!


I made these three pictures! (the top one say Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas) ;)

my bookshelf.

on the wall I have a string with some pictures from Pinterest and ones that we took I also made some paper snowflakes that I put up there.

On the top there is two potted plants, my jar that I did a DIY on, some nail polish, and an doll Elsa dress that I made!

The next shelf has some frames that I decorated and some cute little words that read JOY!

On the next shelf there is two pictures, I made the Let it Snow one and my sister took and edited the other one! also I took a piece of fluffy white fabric and used it as a cool mat type thing!

And on the last shelf there is the letters I did a DIY on and a CD player (the time is wrong on it though it says it was 9:17 but it actually like 3:00) ;)
Anyway hope you liked the little tour!
-Elly <3

Saturday, November 29

DIY: sparkly letters!

Hi everyone!

Here I will show you how to make some sparkly letters that are super cute!

Items you will need:

wooden letter (if you don't have any you could make your own out of cardboard)
glitter (whatever color you would like I chose gold)
a piece of paper
glue (I used modge podge)
and a paint brush


first fold you paper in half then unfold so that there is a crease in the middle of the paper.

paint a small section of one of the letters with glue.

sprinkle some glitter over the spot.

repeat that step until the all of the letters are covered in glitter. then tap off the aces onto the paper.

brush all of the glitter to the middle of the paper.

fold the paper with the glitter inside and then very carefully tap the aces glitter into the container with the rest of the glitter.

And you are done!!! :D

-Elly <3

Friday, November 28

DIY: Starbucks jar!


So I had this little Starbucks cup sleeve thing that was kind of wintery looking and I wanted to make something out of it so anyway here is a DIY of what I came up with and made:

All you will need is a Starbucks or any cool cup sleeve, a jar, and some tape (optinal)

all you need to do is wrap the cup sleeve around the jar and tape or glue in place! (or if you are using a smaller jar just slide the sleeve onto the jar!!! and you are done! :)

You can fill your jar with anything you want! I put my chapstick in it! ;)
-Elly <3

DIY: olaf frame!

Hi everyone!

Here is how to make an Olaf or just a random snowman frame! :)

set your frame on a piece of paper and trace it like above making sure to have some extra on the side.

cut the paper out.

stick a folded piece of tape (to make it double sided) onto the frame.

stick the paper on.

turn the frame over, fold over the paper and tape in place.

find a picture of something wintry I chose a picture of Olaf! but this is optional. mine was to big so I brought it up in picmonkey.

you can draw it, but my paper was thin so I carefully traced it right on.

this is how it turned out.

cut your image out.

and then tape or glue on the place you want and you are done!!!

-Elly <3

Thanksgiving part 2

-Elly <3

Thanksgiving part 1

Hi everyone!

Happy late Thanksgiving! here are some pictures I took on Thanksgiving:

-Elly <3

Thursday, November 27

Dez the cat! :)

Hi everyone!

so my little sister got a cat!!! He is part Mane Coon and part ragdoll! She named him Dez! ;)

Here is some picture I took of him:

Chilin out on the bed! he is super calm and sweet and loves to sit in laps. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving!

-Elly <3

Wednesday, November 26

New Blog Look! :D

Hi everyone!

as you can probably tell I changed up my blog look! I designed it with some help from my sister Celia! I am super exited about how it looks! I also made a new button which is on the sidebar! :)
also Happy Thanksgiving! (even though it is tomorrow) ;)


Tuesday, November 25

New blog design coming up!

Hi everyone!

So I have decided to change my blog design! I like this one but I was feeling ready for something new! anyway, I am not changing the name or link but I am changing the design so I will most likely make this blog private while I am changing it. :)


Monday, November 24


Hi everyone!

sorry I haven't been posting much, anyway! today I took some pictures of our neighbor's two cats Tiger and Mikie who hang out at around our house a lot! their is also a picture of my families cat Prilla! so yes lots of cats! ;)

Prilla looking at the window at Mikie who actually only has one eye. :/ But he is super cute anyway!


Tiger who loves to hang out around our house and is best friends with Mikie! :)


Hope you enjoyed the post!
do you like cats?
do you have any cats? ;)
-Elly <3