Elly Lily: 100 Pageview Tag!

Sunday, November 16

100 Pageview Tag!

Joy from          tagged me for the 100 pageview tag! Thank you so much Joy! :)

                           picture edit credit goes to Celia! check out her blog HERE!


~Thank the blogger who tagged you!
~Answer the 10 questions bellow:

 1. How many page views have you had - you can round this to nearest 100?

To be exact 3,413

2. How did you feel when you hit 100 page views?

I am not sure because I didn't really look at how many pageviews I was getting.

 3. Who was your first commenter (that you didn't know)?

Natasha from Savouring Each Moment who was also the first person to comment on one of my posts!

4. What blog post of yours has had the most views?

my Photo Contest post!

5. What traffic source has given you the most views?

Celia Boldizar

6. Why did you start your blog?

my mom told me about it and I thought it would be fun!

7. What are your favorite 3-10 blogs?

I love the blogs:

Celia Boldizar
In My Boots
Banana and Bear
A Southern Girls Life
Another Enchanted Land
Think. Read. Write. Dream
  there is probably more ;)

8. What type of the blog do you like the most?


9. Who inspired you to start your blog? Could be a friend, family member or another blogger.

not sure?

10. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I LOVE it all!!!

I tag:
Lauren from Pretty things and Polka dots
Sophia from So Sophia

-Elly <3

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