Elly Lily: Cats!

Monday, November 24


Hi everyone!

sorry I haven't been posting much, anyway! today I took some pictures of our neighbor's two cats Tiger and Mikie who hang out at around our house a lot! their is also a picture of my families cat Prilla! so yes lots of cats! ;)

Prilla looking at the window at Mikie who actually only has one eye. :/ But he is super cute anyway!


Tiger who loves to hang out around our house and is best friends with Mikie! :)


Hope you enjoyed the post!
do you like cats?
do you have any cats? ;)
-Elly <3


  1. Aww, they're so cute! I had a cat once, years ago and he was my best friend. We'd been without a pet for a while before finally (a few days ago) we got a dog!! Yay!