Elly Lily: Christmas decor room tour!!! ;)

Sunday, November 30

Christmas decor room tour!!! ;)

Hi everyone!

So lately I have been making lots of Christmas décor for my room so I thought it would be fun to show you all my room!!!

Here is an over lay of my room!
My bed and on the wall there is a dream catcher that I made!

my desk!

the bulletin board!


I made these three pictures! (the top one say Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas) ;)

my bookshelf.

on the wall I have a string with some pictures from Pinterest and ones that we took I also made some paper snowflakes that I put up there.

On the top there is two potted plants, my jar that I did a DIY on, some nail polish, and an doll Elsa dress that I made!

The next shelf has some frames that I decorated and some cute little words that read JOY!

On the next shelf there is two pictures, I made the Let it Snow one and my sister took and edited the other one! also I took a piece of fluffy white fabric and used it as a cool mat type thing!

And on the last shelf there is the letters I did a DIY on and a CD player (the time is wrong on it though it says it was 9:17 but it actually like 3:00) ;)
Anyway hope you liked the little tour!
-Elly <3

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