Elly Lily: DIY: olaf frame!

Friday, November 28

DIY: olaf frame!

Hi everyone!

Here is how to make an Olaf or just a random snowman frame! :)

set your frame on a piece of paper and trace it like above making sure to have some extra on the side.

cut the paper out.

stick a folded piece of tape (to make it double sided) onto the frame.

stick the paper on.

turn the frame over, fold over the paper and tape in place.

find a picture of something wintry I chose a picture of Olaf! but this is optional. mine was to big so I brought it up in picmonkey.

you can draw it, but my paper was thin so I carefully traced it right on.

this is how it turned out.

cut your image out.

and then tape or glue on the place you want and you are done!!!

-Elly <3

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