Elly Lily: DIY: sparkly letters!

Saturday, November 29

DIY: sparkly letters!

Hi everyone!

Here I will show you how to make some sparkly letters that are super cute!

Items you will need:

wooden letter (if you don't have any you could make your own out of cardboard)
glitter (whatever color you would like I chose gold)
a piece of paper
glue (I used modge podge)
and a paint brush


first fold you paper in half then unfold so that there is a crease in the middle of the paper.

paint a small section of one of the letters with glue.

sprinkle some glitter over the spot.

repeat that step until the all of the letters are covered in glitter. then tap off the aces onto the paper.

brush all of the glitter to the middle of the paper.

fold the paper with the glitter inside and then very carefully tap the aces glitter into the container with the rest of the glitter.

And you are done!!! :D

-Elly <3