Elly Lily: My Halloween Costume! :)

Thursday, November 6

My Halloween Costume! :)

Hi Everyone!

Happy late Halloween! This year I was a character from Harry Potter (aka the best books ever!!!) Luna Lovegood! :D  Here is what My costume looked like:

                                          picture credit goes to Celia for all of pictures exept the first pic.

Luna! <3

and here is my costume! ;)

I made this wand out of a chopstick, hot glue gun glue, paper, and beads!

I made the earrings out of paint beads and an old clip on earring.

"it's a charm actually, keeps away the nargles"
-Luna Lovegood
Hope you enjoyed the post!
did you go trick or treating this year?
if so what did you dress up as?!
-Elly <3


  1. I love your costume! Looks like you had a good time. I was dressed as a stressed nurse. I am Seventeen and Yes, I went trick or treating. Your never to old for it in my mind.

  2. Thanks! Your costume sound cool! ;)

    -elly <3

  3. I love your costume especially your wand it looks soooo realistic!
    I am now following your blog would you mind checking mine out if you have a chance?

  4. Nice costume! I nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award! :)
    Click ♥here♥ to see!