Elly Lily: DIY: Christmas countdown!

Monday, December 8

DIY: Christmas countdown!

Hi everyone!

so I haven't been posting! I have been busy with a play that I was in. the play is over now unfortunately but anyway here is a DIY I made of a Christmas countdown that will get you super exited for Christmas!!!

Items you will need:

a frame
decorative paper
a solid color paper
scissors (not shown)
dry erase pen
sharpie or any marker
glue or tape (also not shown)

on the back of your decorative paper trace the back piece of the frame onto the paper.

On the decorative side write with you sharpie: DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS:
(you don't have to do it in all capitals)

Cut out a little square out of the solid colored paper.

tape or glue onto the piece of decorative paper and then put it in the frame.

you can use your dry erase pen to write the days till Christmas and you can change the number by just using a little piece of fabric or wash cloth to wipe it off and then write the number!
hope you liked the DIY!
-Elly <3


  1. Awesome DIY!!! Totally going to make one!!! Great idea!!!

    A Southern Girls Life