Elly Lily: On the Fifth day of Christmas! DIY 3D stars!

Tuesday, December 16

On the Fifth day of Christmas! DIY 3D stars!

Items you will need:
origami paper or just any square paper
 fold your paper in half.

fold the top corner down so that it is level with the opposite side.

unfold the last step and then do it again on the other corner.

unfold that corner, you should now have an X shape.

fold the right bottom corner so the tip touches the middle of the X.

turn the paper onto its side so that the opening is a the bottom, (like above) then fold the piece you just put to the middle so that the it is even with the side.

then fold the other side so it looks like above.

fold the whole thing in half. sorry this picture is upside down.

cut the bottom off into a point.

unfold the whole thing  and then do a little re creasing and you are done!!!

-Elly <3

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