Elly Lily: February 2015

Saturday, February 28


snow pics, (again)


here are some more pictures I took in the snow! enjoy! :)

-Elly <3

Friday, February 27

My DW doll fashion design challenge entry

Hi everyone!

so I am actually also a doll blogger! check out my other blog here! I entered the DW doll fashion design challenge! I made an Elsa dress! please check it out and vote for it (by commenting "I vote for entry 8" you can check it out HERE!!!
here is a picture of my entry:

elly <3

Thursday, February 26

Snow, part 2

Here are some more pictures I took in the snow! enjoy! :)

A snow-bear that my sister Audrey made

and I snow-wizard that I made

which picture was your favorite!

Snow, part 1 :)

So last night it snowed! It was snowing for quite a lot of time so when we woke up there was lots of beautiful snow!!! There is about 7 to 9 inches! :) here are some pics! 


So we were at a hill,  attempting to sled ( it didn't work though) and we started to make some snowballs for snowmen and they kept getting bigger and bigger until they were really big, we wanted to take them back to our house to make a big snowman so we loaded them onto the sleds and ( after a while) finally got them back to our house! And made...

A giant snowman!!! :D  in the picture is me, my two sisters, my dad, and our neighbors. 


Selfie with my sister Celia! Check out her AWESOME blog HERE!

We also made an olaf snowman which was cool cause that was on my bucket list!

I will post more pics soon! :) 


Sunday, February 22

New blog look

do you like the new blog look that I designed?
Picture via Pinterest 
-Elly <3

Thursday, February 19

New blog look coming soon

Hi everyone!

so I have decided to redesign my blog again!  I will be making it private while I am designing it. (I will make it public after it is finished)

-Elly <3

Tuesday, February 17



so last night it snowed! well, it was more like it iced, cause their isn't much snow! anyway it was super fun sledding and I took some pictures so with out further ado here they are! :)


this last one is my favorite! ;)

what's the weather like where you are?
-Elly <3

Monday, February 16


Hi everyone!

long time no post! here are some pictures I took of my sister Audrey!

-Elly >3