Iridescent Auras: Snow!

Tuesday, February 17



so last night it snowed! well, it was more like it iced, cause their isn't much snow! anyway it was super fun sledding and I took some pictures so with out further ado here they are! :)


this last one is my favorite! ;)

what's the weather like where you are?
-Elly <3


  1. I loveee snow! :) These pictures are so lovely! You have such a talent for taking pictures.
    I love your blog, Elly!
    -Lauren <3

  2. So pretty! The weather here is all nice and melty... Ah, puddles.

    xoxo Morning

  3. I love the pic of the pinecone!
    It's snowy here where I am...and in the negative degrees.
    Where I live, it gets to be around this time of year and everyone is already thinking, "Spring is almost here!" Yup. February and we think spring is coming. That's how used to the cold we are.

  4. The last one is so beautiful! It snowed over here too, but I only took a few pictures. Winter is beautiful, but I must say I love autumn better. With all the pretty leaves and the crisp air. Aaahhh.

    P.S. What camera do you use? :)

    1. thanks! I agree autumn is beautiful!
      I use a Nikon digital D50 DSLR