Elly Lily: DIY wall art

Friday, March 13

DIY wall art

Hi everyone!

here is a DIY on how to make cute and easy wall art!

Items you will need:

a canvas or paper that you can paint on
paint brushes or sponge spownser type thing
and tape

first take your tape (I cute mine in half because the canvas was small) and lay out your design

(sorry for the blurriness of the picture) 
then remembering to be careful around the tape edges sponge or paint on what ever colors patterns ect that you want! 

carefully take off the tape, let it dry and you are done! :)
if you make this and post it on your blog comment with a link to the post! so that I can see it! ;)

1 comment:

  1. This is so cute!! I might have to try it.... I would love to do it with some metallic paint. :)