Elly Lily: My entry for Hannah's writing contest!

Sunday, March 1

My entry for Hannah's writing contest!

Hi everyone!

Hannah from A Southern Girls Life is having a writing contest!!! you should totally enter! click HERE to learn about it and enter! anyway here is my entry:

I chose Prompt 2 and picture 2.

My story:

I was here, at the train station. ready to run away from the life that I had ones called mine. or so I thought. the idea had seemed easy a month ago when I had made the decision to escape. but now as I stood here, my luggage in my hands and a new life waiting in front on me, I realized something.
running away is a lot harder than it seems.

-Elly <3


  1. WOW ELLY!!!!!:D That is SO GOOD!!!!:D

    A Southern Girls Life

  2. I like this Elly! Good luck in the contest! :)
    -Lauren <3