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Wednesday, March 11

Rose from Self Known guest post

Hi everyone!

today the fabulous Rose from Self Known (check out her awesome blog by clicking on the link) is doing a guest post on my blog! I am also doing a guest post on her blog so look out for that! ;)
anyway here is her post:

Hello everyone! It's Rose from Self Known. The lovely Elly has given me the chance to post something on her blog, so I decided I'd share several of my journal entries. Enjoy. :)

+ + +


exhaustion is abundant tonight,
the moon is nowhere to be seen -
not that I’m looking for it again.
but I did want to remind myself
of our collective promises and since
the moon was our witness I thought -
“I’ll have to remind myself by searching.”


my heart is like a volcano—unpredictable.
when it erupts, my emotions hit everyone.
strangers become covered in my easy brushing ash,
but personals are pelted with my hard-hitting boulders.
it hurts to be this way—it’s not what I want.
holding it in won’t help, it just allows for things to build.
so I guess what I want to say is; it’s okay to explode.


the pain of separation cuts deep within one’s soul, especially when they are separated from something
that completes them. as one needs most of their organs, we’ll find that people become our substitutes. when someone leaves it’s like a surgery is performed to remove the symbolic organ the person was. if you left me, I’d die. because one cannot live without their heart.

+ + +

Thanks for reading. <3


Rose is a teen blogger who believes creative expression and self-knowledge are important things every person needs to live a fulfilling life. She owns a web design shop and enjoys indulging herself with peanut butter cups as she procrastinates. She takes enjoyment in word experimentation, dancing to crazy teeny bopper tunes and laughing at her own jokes. Learn more about her here.

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