Elly Lily: April 2015

Monday, April 27

Zendaya (again)

Here is a picture of yet another picture I drew last night of Zendaya! :)


Sunday, April 26


                                                (On bottom is) a  Picture I drew of Zendaya! 

Modern Disney Princesses

picture I drew of all of the Disney princesses as modern girls! it is not the best but I like it! :)

-Elly <3

Monday, April 13

Odyssey of the Mind Tournement

Hi everyone!
we went to the mountains for the Odyssey of the Mind State tournament for my sister Celia and her team to perform! it was super fun and a took a few pictures (mostly phone pics) so here are some pictures! enjoy!:)

they had a limbo contest!

they also had a hat contest: lots of kids made really crazy and cool hats! also there where these huge puppets!

yummy eggnog ice cream! picture for credit goes to Celia for taking the picture edit by me.

-Elly :)

Thursday, April 9

DIY lace notebook

Hello peoples!

here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make a cute lace notebook! enjoy! :)

Items you will need:
a notebook
a glue gun
and scissors (not shown above)

                         cut out a piece of lace that is a little bigger than the front of your notebook.

                                            glue the side closes to the side that does not open.

fold the exes lace around the side of the front of the notebook and glue in place. (note: be careful with using a glue gun and lace, the glue sometimes comes through the lace, if you don't want to use a glue gun you could always try tape) 

and you are done! :)

Wednesday, April 8

Sunday, April 5


Hi everyone!
long time no post! Happy Easter! how was your Easter? what did you do? ;)
here are some pictures I took:
 this first picture was actually taken by my mom and edited by me. :)

Celia's adorable wittle bunny Progo!!!

Beautiful Audrey. <3

My Easter basket!

Celia's super cute outfit! :)

My outfit! ;)

We had our friends over! picture left to right: Audrey, Ashley, and Allison. :)

 picture my Celia edited my me.^

Ashley and I :)

hope you liked the pictures!
and hope you had a fabulous day! <3