Elly Lily: Odyssey of the Mind Tournement

Monday, April 13

Odyssey of the Mind Tournement

Hi everyone!
we went to the mountains for the Odyssey of the Mind State tournament for my sister Celia and her team to perform! it was super fun and a took a few pictures (mostly phone pics) so here are some pictures! enjoy!:)

they had a limbo contest!

they also had a hat contest: lots of kids made really crazy and cool hats! also there where these huge puppets!

yummy eggnog ice cream! picture for credit goes to Celia for taking the picture edit by me.

-Elly :)


  1. Looks like fun! Really great pics.

  2. That looks like such fun! Lovely pictures, Elly!
    I <3 your blog!

  3. I wish my state would host a Odysessy of the Mind tournament, but since the population is so thinly spread out through the state there is none here. Sounds like a great time!

    xoxo Morning