Elly Lily: May 2015

Saturday, May 30

Pool party (part 2)



pool party (part 1)

Yesterday we had our homeschool group pool part-ay! It was super fun seeing my friends, playing in the pool, and eating lots of yummy food! :)

New blog design

Hi everyone!
If you haven't already noticed I have a new blog design and blog name! Celia from CECE DESIGNS designed it for me! click HERE if you are in need of a custom design, blog design template, or a simple element! Anyway Thank you to the wonderful Celia for designing my blog! :)

Tuesday, May 26

Disney Princesses

Picture I drew of Elsa, Anna, and Repunzel. (I found the picture on Pinterest and then painted it)

Sunday, May 24

DIY: pineaple pillow

                                  Here is how to make this adorable little pineapple pillow!

Items you will need:
yellow fabric
green fabric
a pencil or marker (optinal)
needle and thread/sewing machine

first cut out two oval shapes out of the yellow fabric. (I made mine with a flat bottom)

then cut out a few long leave shapes out of your green fabric.

Lay the leaves on one of the ovals with the tips point to the middle of the oval (look at picture to see how)


Lay the other oval on top of that and pin the leaves in place under the ovals.

Sew around the edges but remember to keep the bottom section open.

turn it inside out.

This is optinal but I glued my leaves onto a piece of paper so that the would stay upright.

I also drew a design on it with a pencil and then I actually drew eye and a mouth on it with a marker!

Stuff it and sew up the opening and you are done!!!
love this little pineapple! I think it is just too cute! ;)


Picture I drew of a Blythe doll! <3

DIY: decorative pillows for summer

Since Summer is right around the corner here is a DIY for some cute and summery pillows to spice up your room!
Items you will need:
any fabric (I used felt because it was the only whit fabric I had and I wanted the color white but any will do)
paint (could be fabric paint or craft paint ect)
needle and thread/sewing machine or glue

First you will need to cut out your shape for the pillow. I did a square because that is just the basic pillow shape but you can do whatever you would like.

then on one of the squares I paint a big sunflower! (let you imagination go wild and paint whatever you like!)

the finished sunflower!

I also made this one that says: Make Today So Awesome, Yesterday Gets Jealous.

Ones the paint is dry, take both squares and lay them on top of each other so that the right sides are on the inside.

Now you may either glue or sew the edges together. I chose to sew.

And you are done!

Friday, May 22

the park

A few days ago we went to the park with our friends! hope you enjoy these photos I took! check out Hannah's blog HERE!

Wednesday, May 20

Demigods and Unicorns blog party

Hi everyone!
So Anna from Demigods and Unicorns is having a blog party! Check it out HERE!
here are the questions and my answers:
1. What is your favorite book?
Any of the Harry Potter books! :)
2. Favorite music genre?
I like acoustic, upbeat music ect
3. What are 3 blogs you really like?
ooh this one is hard cause I like lots of blogs!
I like:
oh, and of course you blog!
but there are a lot of other blogs that I love so it is super hard to pick just three! ;)
anyway thank you Anna for having this blog partay! it was really fun to answer the questions!

Monday, May 18