Elly Lily: DIY: decorative pillows for summer

Sunday, May 24

DIY: decorative pillows for summer

Since Summer is right around the corner here is a DIY for some cute and summery pillows to spice up your room!
Items you will need:
any fabric (I used felt because it was the only whit fabric I had and I wanted the color white but any will do)
paint (could be fabric paint or craft paint ect)
needle and thread/sewing machine or glue

First you will need to cut out your shape for the pillow. I did a square because that is just the basic pillow shape but you can do whatever you would like.

then on one of the squares I paint a big sunflower! (let you imagination go wild and paint whatever you like!)

the finished sunflower!

I also made this one that says: Make Today So Awesome, Yesterday Gets Jealous.

Ones the paint is dry, take both squares and lay them on top of each other so that the right sides are on the inside.

Now you may either glue or sew the edges together. I chose to sew.

And you are done!

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