Elly Lily: music, food, and good lighting

Wednesday, May 13

music, food, and good lighting

1. I ate some really yummy strawberries, carets, and apple and I wasn't going to take pictures of it because it is not the most amazing thing but the lighting was really good and I liked how it turned out!
2.my eos chapstick
3. funny and ispiring quote!
4. Emma Watson! I have been very inspired by her simple style
5. Zendaya! no captain needed! ;)
6. currently still reading The Lost Hero! (I am a slow reader) it is really good, please no spoilers!
7. my sisters and I have been loving listening to Sabrina Carpenter, Eyes Wide Open! if you haven't heard it yet you should totally listen to it!
8. Eyes Wide Open
9. Lost Hero
10. scrolling through Sabrina Carpenter songs!
11. Harry Potter FOREVER!
12. pretty Prilla!
wow! I feel like I just did a twelve days of pictures or something! :)

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