Elly Lily: June 2015

Tuesday, June 30

elysian award!


Hi peoples!
So I have decided to make my own blog award! So now I present to you all the "elysian award"!!!


1. copy and paste the button above (or you can get it from my sidebar) and put it in the award post.
2. put these rules in the post.
3. nominate a few bloggers and comment on their blog with a link to your post for them to see.
3. answer the 8 questions given to you and give your nominees 8 questions for them to answer.

Since I created this and there are no questions for me to answer here are the bloggers who I nominate:

Celia from CECE
Anna from Demigods and Unicorns
Layne from In My Boots
Sophia from Someplace in the Midst
Hannah from A Southern Girl's Life
Joy from Another Enchanted Land
Bethan from Fiction and Tea

My Questions:

1. how would you describe your blog?
2. favorite thing to do?
3. what are some of your summer plans?
4. if you were stranded on an island and you had to have one Disney villain with you, who would you choose?
5. what is a food that you hate?
6. what is one thing that you can just fandom over forever?
7. what is the last song you listened to?
8. what are you wearing right now?

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the award!
I had lots of fun making it! :)



Monday, June 29

Dress Like You are already famous

Here is yet another edit that I did! (can you tell I have been into making edits on picmonkey?!) ;)

Ginny Weasley

Hermione Granger

DIY: firework wall art

Items you will need:
glue or Modge-Podge
a paintbrush
black paper
and a regular piece of paper

Start out by taking your regular paper and folding it in half and then set your black paper ontop of the other paper. After that start making streaks with your glue. (like the picture above) 

After you make the streak with your glue you will want to put some glitter on pretty quickly.

Then lift the paper up and carefully tap off the excess glitter onto the folded paper underneath.

Ones you are all done making your firework shape, very carefully lift the folded paper and fold it back and then pour the excess glitter back into the glitter jar/container.

After your glued glitter is pretty dry you can carefully pat/paint on some glue to seal in your glitter.

Let the final layer of glue dry.

And you are done!

Did you make any of these 3 Fourth of July DIYs?
If so which one(s)?

Sunday, June 28

DIY: Fourth of July decorated jar

                                             Here is a DIY for a cute way to decorate a jar!

Items you will need:
red, white and blue paper (in the picture above there are two different kinds of white paper you will not need to sheets)
a jar
a pencil
and glue

First cut out a piece of white paper that is the size that you would like and will be able to wrap around your jar.

Wrap it around your jar and then mark where it folds over.

Also draw where you would like the blue part.

Then cut a few pieces of paper for the red and blue paper. and glue it down.

Then wrap it around to the part where you marked it a glue it in place.

Put it on your jar, and you are done! :)

DIY: Fourth of July star banner

Hi everyone!
So lately I have been super exited for the Fourth of July! So I decided to make some festive room d├ęcor! Here is the first out of three posts! :)

Items you will need:
red, white, and blue paper
a pencil
glue (I used a hot glue gun)
string or yarn
and I also used a wooden star that I had

First either trace or draw out a few stars. (I did three of each color) but It depends on how long you want your banner type thing to be. 

cut out all of your stars.

then cut a piece of string/yarn and then glue your stars on the string (how close/far apart as you would like)

and you are done! :)

Sunday-Part 2

the rest of the pictures!
which picture was your favorite out of these ones?

Sunday-Part 1


Today we went on a hike and after got Moes and Starbucks! It was really fun and I took lots of pictures so here is part 1 of the pictures! :)
which one is your favorite?