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Friday, June 12

A Week in summer: Friday decor hacks

Hi everyone!
So we have come to the last and final "A week in summer" posts! for today I decided to do three room décor life hacks! (sorry the pictures aren't the best quality :/ ) anyway here are the hacks:

The first one is a little something to decorate a light switch!
all you have to do is take a piece of tape that is the legth of the light.
stick it on.
and then decorate it with markers however you would like!
Just a tip: I folded the corner of the tape so it would be easier to take off

Another idea is to put either decorative paper or fabric into a frame and then use that to hold whatever you would like! :)

and the last one is to take a jar, cup etc, put some rice, beans, or whatever you want into it and then you can stick your pens and pencils into it!
which summer post was your favorite?
would you like me to do more "A week in ----" posts for each season?!
-Elly <3

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