Elly Lily: A Week in summer:Thursday 3 summer outfits

Thursday, June 11

A Week in summer:Thursday 3 summer outfits

For Thursday I decided to show you three summer outfits that you can recreate! here are the outfits I put together:
                                                                         Outfit 1:

This one I thought would be great for a campfire or you could even wear it on fourth of July!
this outfit consists of a white shirt, jean shorts (I painted a tribal print on one side), a flannel tied around my waist, floral combat boots (a basic colored boot would probably look better though), and a black hat! :)
Outfit 2:

This outfit is a little more girly! I usually don't wear skirts but I like how this one from Forever 21 is so flowy!
I am wearing a teal/mint shirt, dark pink skirt, and purple converse.
Outfit 3:

and this last outfit is very bright, fun, and colorful! it is perfect for those super hot days in the summer! ;)
the outfit is a watermelon shirt that ties in the front (with a tank top under it), greenish blue shorts, and purple converse!
All of these photos were taken by Celia. Edited by me. ;)
which outfit was your favorite? :)


  1. LOVE IT!!!! My favorite is the last one, but all of them were amazing<3

    A Southern Girls Life

  2. Thank you Hannah! Glad you liked them! :)

  3. You're so pretty! Awesome outfits. I think my favorite was the third.


  4. Aww! Thank you so much Kathryn! :)

  5. The first one has to be my favorite. Thanks for sharing! :)

    june | www.the-impossible.com

  6. I like all of the outfits.
    You are so adorable <3

  7. Thank you so much June and Jordy!!!! :) <3