Elly Lily: DIY: Fourth of July decorated jar

Sunday, June 28

DIY: Fourth of July decorated jar

                                             Here is a DIY for a cute way to decorate a jar!

Items you will need:
red, white and blue paper (in the picture above there are two different kinds of white paper you will not need to sheets)
a jar
a pencil
and glue

First cut out a piece of white paper that is the size that you would like and will be able to wrap around your jar.

Wrap it around your jar and then mark where it folds over.

Also draw where you would like the blue part.

Then cut a few pieces of paper for the red and blue paper. and glue it down.

Then wrap it around to the part where you marked it a glue it in place.

Put it on your jar, and you are done! :)