Elly Lily: DIY: Fourth of July star banner

Sunday, June 28

DIY: Fourth of July star banner

Hi everyone!
So lately I have been super exited for the Fourth of July! So I decided to make some festive room décor! Here is the first out of three posts! :)

Items you will need:
red, white, and blue paper
a pencil
glue (I used a hot glue gun)
string or yarn
and I also used a wooden star that I had

First either trace or draw out a few stars. (I did three of each color) but It depends on how long you want your banner type thing to be. 

cut out all of your stars.

then cut a piece of string/yarn and then glue your stars on the string (how close/far apart as you would like)

and you are done! :)


  1. This is very cool... I definitely want to try this out!! Thanks for sharing!! ;)
    Abigail Grace

    1. Is it okay if I share this on my blog? (And link it back to you.)

    2. Thank you so much Abigail Grace! :) and yes! that would be okay if you did it on your post and linked it back to me! :)

    3. Also do you think you could comment on my blog with a link to your blog so I can see it?! <3

  2. This is so cool! I must try this! I first saw this craft on Abigail's blog, now I link it back to the original. idk what to say! Both blogs have amazing designs and awesome crafts! :)