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Monday, June 8


Today is National Best Friends day! So I decided to do a post about my very best friends Mia and Layne! lets get started! :)

I could not ask for better friends! these girls are so nice, caring, funny, beautiful, smart, I could go on forever! thank you for always being there for me!!!
some words to describe us are:
awesome ;)

with our:
Betty obsessions
summer bucket list
times when we bust out laughing
taking selfies
you can go first times
wanting to play color
getting super exited to see each other
and much more..
we make a pretty fun group! :)

Thank you! Your girls mean everything to me!!! <3

Every time I spend time with you two it makes me so happy and inspired! :)


Yes, we are very, very crazy! ^
Layne!!! <3
Mia <3
I love you girls! <3 you are such great friends!

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