Elly Lily: July 2015

Friday, July 31

31 day blog challenge-day 30

Day 30:
What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
YUM!! I love ice cream! :)
I ones had this really good caramel ice cream! ooh, and also I tried some cotton candy flavor! and I also love coconut!
So yeah, I really just love them all! they are all great! :)
What is your favorite flavor?

Thursday, July 30

31 day blog challenge-day 29

Day 29:
What's your favorite time of the year, and why?
My favorite time of the year is probably either summer or fall!
I love summer because you have lots of time to hang out with friends and go to the pool! also everything feels very colorful and fun!
I love fall because It is just so cozy and I love all of the warm colors, sweaters, boots, scarves etc..
Also my birthday is in September! ;)

Wednesday, July 29

31 day blog challenge-day 28

Day 28:
What's your guilty pleasure?
Here are some:
Candy or anything sweet!
Pinning things on Pinterest and watching YouTube
Obsessing over things!
and using lots of emojies and exclamation points!
-Elly <3

Tuesday, July 28

31 day blog challenge- day 27

Day 27:
list three online friends that you have never met in real life but hope to soon.
I think it would be really cool to meet:
-elly <3

Monday, July 27

100 random questions

Hi everyone! My awesome sista Celia just got to her 100 posts mark!!! Yay! does an awkward dance!
Anyway for her 100th post she answered 100 questions it looked so fun and also she challenged everyone else to answer them to so that is what I will be doing today! okay, lets get right into the questions!
1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.
"After Gertrude had milked them." -The Matchlock Gun.
2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, what can you touch?
I didn't touch anything because my desk is in the middle of a wall but if my arm was longer I would touch a window.
3. what is the last thing you watched on TV?
Last night I watched Camp Rock 2! ;)
4. without looking what time is it?
Well from looking outside I would say it is about 8:00 PM because it is really dark outside and raining, it is pretty freaky, like when I went out there I felt like Voldemort was going to come out of the woods! but since I know it is the morning I'm guessing it is: 9:30 AM.
5. now look at the clock. what is the actual time?
it is 10:30 AM. I was an hour late!
6. what is on the walls of the room you are in?
I am in my bedroom.
The wall that I am on has my desk, my chair, my pin-up board above my desk that has my HP calendar, and lots of other pictures ect,
tthen on the wall on my left has two window to see the beautiful sunny summer morning (not!) ;), a white cabinet with a few strings with pictures hanging from it above the cabinet, and on the cabinet it hase a plant, two paintings, nail polish, a jar with chapstick, a tray with jewelry, and a bunch of framed pictures and quotes!
then on the next wall there is my closet, and my bed.
and on the last wall there is an R5 poster, my doll Felicity, two of those rolling and talking hamster things that I had set in here when I was in another room and I could not turn them off and they were driving my insane!!! <yeah, I really hate those little things! oh, and I also have the door to come in and out!
(WOW! just realized how long this answer was!)
7. are you listening to music right now?
The question should be "when I am I not?!" ;) but yes, I am listening to music right now, (I am listening to Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony!) I have been obsessed with it and Miss Moving On!
Fifth Harmony - "Miss Movin' On" (music video premiere) http://www.examiner.com/article/fifth-harmony-celebrates-being-single-miss-movin-on-single
8. what color is your bedroom carpet?
It is light tan.
9. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
I am not really sure! Probably JK Rowling! that would be awesome! we could talk about Harry Potter!!!
10. who sent the last text message you received?
My bestie Layne! <3
11. what did you do for your last birthday?
For my last birthday I had a sleepover with both of my BFFs Layne and Hannah, and after we went roller skating! :)
12. is the glass half empty or half full?
Half full! :)
ooh, and here is a really good quote that goes with this:
It doesn't matter if your glass is half empty or half full.
be grateful that you have a glass, and there is something in it.
13. If you could meet one person (from history or currently alive) who would it be?
Probably either JK Rowling or maybe even a youtuber like Bethany Mota or Zendaya or Evanna Lynch! (I am not sure, but I would probably pick JK Rowling!)
J.K. Rowling
14. what's under your bed?
Nothing cause I have a bunk bed (my two sisters and I used to sleep in it but then we moved and I got it) but anyway because there is a pull out bed type thing underneath.
15. think fast what do you like right now?
Umm... I like Fifth Harmony, HP, YouTube, acting, my friends!(though I always like my friends!)
16. do you sing in the shower?
a little bit but not really loud, but when I get out of the shower I am always singing! my sisters are usually singing to so it is funny when you are singing and then you hear a little voice singing too! ;)
17. what do you want to be when you grow up?
Most likely a singer or actress! I love those to things, I also love anything artsy though!
18. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
Just like Celia said, Totally London!!! that would be so COOL!
 London #London
19. are you a morning person or a night owl?
I am kind of both! I love to stay up late, and then I also like to wake up pretty early.
20. can you touch your nose with your tongue?
nope! my little sister can! ;)
21. can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?
22. do you have pets?
yes. my family has six rabbits and a cat! :)
23. what is your best childhood memory?
I am not really sure! I really like anytime I am hanging out with my friends. 
24. what's your favorite color?
It always changes but at the moment I like, white, gold, blue, and pink!
25. what's your favorite food?
My favorite food (well, this is hard cause a LOVE food!!!) but I would say it would be either, pizza, sushi, or anything sweet!
26. what's your favorite dessert?
just like with the food question there is just too many deserts to choose from!!! I really like cake and ice cream though!
27. how old are you?
I am twelve. ;)
28. what are some of your favorite books?
well, since you asked! first of all HARRY POTTER! (you probably already knew that I was obsessed with that but if you did not then now you know!)
I also like Percy Jackson (which I am still reading so please no spoilers!) and yes, I have been reading Percy Jackson for a long time, I am a slow reader.
but yeah, I have a long list of books I want to read like the Hunger Games, maybe Twilight, etc..
Community Post: 100 Harry Potter GIFs That Will Make Your Heart Soar Like A Snitch    
29. what are some of your favorite movies?
I love all of the Harry Potter films, Frozen (and all Disney movies), and I always enjoy watching Secretariat.
30. what kind of music are you into?
 I love lots of different kind of music! Some artists that I enjoy are: most Disney songs, Fifth Harmony, Zendaya, R5, Sabrina Carpenter, Bridget Mendler.. but the list goes on and on!
31. if you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?
I am not really sure! I have been enjoying thinking up characters for a book I hope to write but it does not have a name or a plot! so yeah, I really have no idea!
32. what accomplishment are you most proud of?
I do not know! nothing really screams "hey! right here! I am your biggest accomplishment! pick me!!"
33. if you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
I practically already answered this! check question 19.
34. who are some people you'd like to meet someday?
I would really like to meet JK Rowling! ;)
A story that will always stay in our hearts. | Why J.K. Rowling Will Always Be Your Favorite Author
35. what's one of your favorite habits you have?
I don't have too many habits, but my main habit is picking my nails! (I don't like that habit though) probably my favorite habit that I have is the habit to sing a lot! just when I am working on something I just start singing! ;)
36. what are some things that make you really happy?
My friends always put a cheesy smile on my face! I love to be crazy and awesomely weird with them! a few other things that make me happy are:
Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.
cute and furry animals
singing and acting
doing anything I love
and food!
37. what are some things that scare you?
I hate scary things! like scary movies! also I do not like large and fast Ferris wheels and some roller coasters! last time I went on a Ferris wheel it was really big and frighteningly fast! I was crying during the first part cause when we went on the side going up it was super scary cause it would stop and you would just sit there swinging! :0
38. do you like to plan things out in detail or be spontaneous?
I usually love to plan things out it lots of detail! for example: me and my friends are having a sleepover soon and I have planned out things like my outfit, things to bring, things that we can do, and my nail art that I am going to do!
But sometimes I like to be spontaneous! for example: one time we were at our friends house for a little while and then the moms said that we could have a spontaneous sleepover that night!!!
so yeah, it really depends!
39. would you rather live in the country or in the city?
Most likely the city! ;)
40. do you have any brothers or sisters? how many?
I have two sisters Audrey (who is younger than me) and Celia (who is older)
41. what's your favorite part about today so far?
so far my mom and I went on a bike ride which was really fun, I had some really good iced coffee, and my little sister and I went to the pool those were all really fun! :)
42. what's your favorite joke?
I love puns! so it would probably be a pun! one that I love is "all your life people will tell you puns aren't funny. PUNish them!!!!"
also one that I said:
my friend and I were just talking and walking on these big tires and there farm, then I said: "I am feeling so tired!!!"
Also my little sister is really good at think up puns so I love all of the ones she says!
43. do you like spicy food?
not really. ;)
44. if you were a type of animal what would you be and why?
I would probably be a squirrel! because I like to make thing (like how they plant trees with nuts and such), and I can get pretty loud but then sometimes I can get really quiet. so yes, I would probably say a squirrel!
Watercolor Squirrel PRINT Nerdy Squirrel by WaterInMyPaint
45. what's one of the strangest things you've ever done?
WOW! there are so many! here are some things:
one time me and my sister had a conversation about how you could take an American Girl doll cut her in half so you had her front half and back then shave the back head draw a face onto it, make some kind of contract that said that you could not get your money back then sell both halves and you would get twice as much and you could use the money to make more. (we would never do that though ;)
other times are obsessing over Betty with my BFF! so you know Little Debbie cakes and such? well she is actually named Betty but her sister Debby stole her identity. we got really obsessed with her! we made a collage, pillows, T-shirts, and necklaces! #bettyforever
There are lots of other strange things that I have done but it would take forever to tell you all of them! ;)
46. what are some of your major goals in life?
To just be overall happy! surrounded with people I love and doing things that makes me happy, "live your life to the fullest!"
47. what are some of your smaller goals in life?
Some things that are on my bucket list:
own a French Bulldog
go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!
and let my hair get really long.
48.  if you could try out any job for a day, what would you try?
Probably to either be a professional singer or a movie actor! :)
49. what's your earliest memory?
Ooh! I am not super sure! I think it might be getting up on our washing machine cause I was scared of the cat! I think I was about three or four.
50. what's the best decision you ever made?
Just like Celia said auditioning for "Yo, Ho, Ho, a Pirate's Christmas" which led on to more auditions and started my love of theatre! :)
51. who's your best/closest friend?
My two best friends Layne and Mia! they are awesome!
52.  if you could learn any random skill, what would you learn?
maybe to do cool backflips and things! or another language!
53. are you an introvert or an extrovert?
an extrovert! at first I might get a little quiet but ones you get to know me a bit I can get really crazy! plus when I am around lots of people I get lots of energy!
54. do you think people can control their own destiny?
55. what are some of the first things you do in the morning?
I get out of bed. make my bed. check my email and instagram etc, open my curtains, brush my teeth and hair and eat breakfast.
56. if someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you?
Ooh! this is a fun question! ;)
I think Sabrina Carpenter would be pretty cool and so would Evanna Lynch!
57. would you rather be hated or forgotten?
Hated. cause if people don't like you for who you are then that is their deal, never change for anyone! As long as you are not being hated for being mean or disrespectful, then be yourself! cause I would rather be hated for being myself then forgotten for staying in the shadows and being someone else.
58. when's your birthday?
September 28.
59.How tall are you?
About 5'3 but still growing (hopefully) ;P
60. if you were a superhero what powers would you have?
I have always wanted to fly so that would be really cool! I would also love to have the power to snap my fingers and things would either get clean or go back to the way it was. like if I'm sick then I would just snap my fingers!
61. what is your favorite holiday?
I love Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Fourth of July! I can not pick a favorite!!!
http://sutton15445.tumblr.com/  Enjoy the view from my world…My Paisley World.  Got my KittenZ poppin' out 'da ceiling like...Dafaq you say?! #teamgingerkittten #muthafuckaa
the beauty of leaves | elephantine  American Flag
62. can you tap dance?
nope, but I can clog!
63. what's your favorite pizza topping?
pineapple and mushrooms!
64. what's your favorite song?
Here it is. the dreaded question. AHHHH! I can not pick a favorite!!! it practically changes every day! :O
The songs that I have been loving are:
Sledgehammer-Fifth Harmony
Miss Moving On-Fifth Harmony
Let it Go-Frozen and Demi Lovato
all of the songs from Camp Rock
65. do you prefer baths or showers?
66. what color socks are you wearing?
black. ;)
67. how many pillows do you sleep with?
three! two that I lay my head on and then one fluffy pink one that my little sister made for me beside me.
68. do you prefer sunrises or sunsets?
I like sunrises! but both are good! :)
69. what do you typically have for breakfast?
I usually have cereal!
70. have you ever been in the newspaper?
Yep! I was in an article about my clogging team! there was a picture of my sister and I, and also a few of our friend! and our names were mentioned!
71. what's the longest you've gone without sleep?
I think it was ones at a sleepover with all of the girls in our homeschool group, there was a bunch of girls that all couldn't sleep and we all stayed up really late! ;)
72. what's been your best present?
I am not really sure! Probably when I received my very first American Girl doll and now I have a doll blog where I make, design and photograph them wearing my outfit designs! you can check it out here!
74. have you ever sleepwalked?
yes! I do all the time! I also do lots of other strange things in my sleep! for one of those stories! click here! question 7.
75. can you do any accents, other than your own?
I can do a pretty good British accent!
76. what are your favorite smells/cents?
balloons, egg nog, coconut, the ocean, and candy. But funny story! I was ones in the car and then there was the smell of skunk in the car and I was just smelling it and thinking of how nice skunk smells! yes, I am weird that way! I still think it is not that bad of a smell but I don't love it!;) (I bet it would be a lot worse if you actually got sprayed right in front of you)
77. are you left or right handed?
right handed.
78. are you a clean or messy person?
Clean! I love to clean my room! ;)
79. who would you want to play in the movie of your life?
I already answered this question :P
80. who's your favorite villain?
totally Belatrix Lastrange! she is awesome! #evilpersongoals
81. if you were in a band what instrument/role would you play?
I would love to be the lead singer!
82. do you talk to yourself?
Yep! all the time.
83. do you sing to yourself?
Yep! I love to sing! :D
84. what's your favorite Disney movie?
Frozen forever!
85. do you always wear identical socks?
Yep! but if I only have two different colored socks I will wear them.
86. what's the most unusual name you have ever come across?
Celia told me about a name she heard about from a friend, there was a girl name Ladasha. But she spelled it La-a, The mom said that the "dash ain't silent"
87. have you ever walked into a wall?
knowing me. probably yes! I ones walked into a sign near a sidewalk, it was weird I didn't even see it, it hurt though! :P
88. what color are your eyes?
It is kind of hard to tell! they are a light brown with really small tints of green.
89. are you allergic to anything?
nope! I ones was allergic to peanuts for about a year though!
90. have you ever heard any outstanding rumors about yourself?
This is not a rumor, like Celia said. but lots of people think Celia and I are twins and look exactly alike!!! I just don't see it though! I can tell we are sisters but I can see lots of difference.
 here is a picture of us:
91. if you had a warning label, what would yours say?
WARNING! this girl will get very hyper and crazy ones you get to know her!
cause sometimes I scare people when I do something weird.
92. what was the last thing you ate?
I just drank a really yummy smoothie! and the last thing I ate was trail mix! I am obsessed with trail mix!!! But I hate it when people pick out the m and ns and leave the rest! you have to take a handful! then you really get the whole mix of sweet and salty!
93. which fictional character do you wish was real?
Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter! she is so awesome!
94. do you like vanilla or chocolate?
I like both! maybe chocolate a little better! my two sister and our friends actually ones had a war about which one was better! I was on the chocolate team. but in the end we all settled on a swirl of both!
95. which would you rather have a broken leg or a broken arm?
I love casts so either one would be awesome! but I would pick broken leg since I have already broken my arm ones from riding on my sisters scooter.
96. which nicknames do you have/had?
My little sister calls my nylon glove (for no in particular meaning just one day she was like " your name is nylon glove) :) other ones are L (from my dad)  oh, and the name Elly is actually a nickname! My real name is Elyse but I go by Elly! (someday it will probably change to Elyse though)
97. if you were to become a famous singer, what would your debut album be called?
I am not really sure maybe just my name or some cool word!
98. have you ever performed in front of a large audience?
Yep! tons of times! ballet (when I was little) clogging, I did a hip-hop class (when was about maybe ten or eleven) and now I have been doing lots of theatre! :) Actually when I was little my mom said that I would sing in grocery stores and people would crowd around to listen. ;)
99. if you met a genie who offered three wish, what would you wish for? (more wishes does not count) 
1. for everyone be able to fly, but with no wings and only when they wanted to (I have actually thought really thoroughly of this flying matter)
2. to go to Hogwarts but with no voldamort  and I would just have a nice time hanging out with Luna and everyone else!
3. for any fictional character I wanted to be real!
100. if you ruled your own country, who would you get to write your national anthem?
Either T Swift (I call her t swift because it is more fun!) Sabrina Carpenter or R5!
Yay!!! I answered all of the questions!!! that was so much fun! and now you all know lots more about me and all of my stories, smiley faces, and exclamation points!!! :)
If you read all of those questions give yourself a hi five! (aka clap!) right now! don't just think it do it! :) <3 you are all awesome!
answer your favorite question in the comments!

Writing Prompt Contest entry

Hi everyone! as you know from this post Hannah from A Southern Girls Life is having an awesome Writing Prompt Contest check it out here! anyway there are only four more days to enter so get your entries in quick! ;) oh, and also I hope it is ok that I put a picture with my entry! if there is no pictures aloud then you do not have to include it. here is my entry:

                                                            I chose Prompt #3

All of a sudden Alex felt herself falling through the air, one minuet she had been standing there her feet firmly set on the ground, the next minuet she was falling right through the air.
But it wasn't like she had fallen through a hole in the ground or anything on the ground at that matter, she was falling upward. only a few moments before she had felt a sharp little tug like something or someone was trying to lift her up and then she had just started falling.
Alex was not startled or frightened as you might of thought and as you would probably be.
Instead she was just frustrated.
"not again" she thought as the wind swept through her dark brown hair and pricked her face, feeling like millions of small sharp needled.
Alex new where she was going in fact she had gone there many times.
she was going into the dream of a young girl. Sophie who was only six years old.
anytime Sophie had a dream then Alex would fall into the dream as well.
Some times the dreams were happy ones with unicorns and cotton candy, other times they were not so good. revealing little bits of Sophie's past of which no one knew a thing about.
Except Sophie and Alex.
This time Alex hoped the dream was a good one.
There was another sudden tug and Alex hit the ground. Luckily not very hard but it always startled Alex.
She got up and roughly brushed herself off. She looked up to find little Sophie with her blond long hair and rich chocolate brown eyes. standing in the middle of a huge dark field a few yards away from Alex. on the other side of the field there was a family, with a mother, a father, and a boy who looked about fourteen though it was hard to tell since everything was misty and dark.
The seen flashed a bright vibrant red color and Alex new what was happening.
Now she was in Sophie's thoughts
where she could see, feel, and think everything that Sophie could.
She looked over at the family walking away from her.
They had left her.
They really had. The family she had ones called hers. They had seemed so nice for so long but then as she had stood there watching them. they had gone so quickly.
She had tried to run to them maybe they had just thought that she was with them. but as she ran she saw them glance back, look her in the eye and kept going.
She wished she had known earlier when they had brought her to the place in which they had known she wouldn't suspect anything.
She had felt so secure, so happy to be there with them
Just what they wanted.
But then a thought came to her.
one that surprised her. She wondered where it had come from, as she stood there watching the only family she ever had and loved leave her she wondered.
why did she feel happy.
Hope you liked it! I have not written anything in a long time but I am getting into it again and I cant wait to write more! :)
-Elly <3  

31 day blog challenge-day 26

Day 26:
What's your favorite food?
YUM! I love food! food is my friend! I don't really have a favorite food but I do love pizza, bean burgers, sushi, and anything sweet like donuts or Starbucks!

Sunday, July 26

Hannah's writing prompt contest!

My great friend Hannah from A Southern Girl's Life! Is having an awesome Writing Prompt Contest! Check it out HERE HERE and HERE! The last day to get your writing in is August 1st! I am probably going to enter too! Since it sound like so much fun!!! :)


31 day blog challenge-day 25

Day 25:
Describe your location?
I am not really sure what the question is really asking so I am going to describe the room I am in right now!
I am in our family's "bonus room" sitting at a table that we like to do crafts and such on! I usually blog in my room, but for these posts I do most of them here! :)
hope you enjoyed this post!

Saturday, July 25

31 day blog challenge-day 24

Day 24:
Describe your most embarrassing moment.
I don't really have a one big embarrassing moment. of course I have lots of moments where I am a little embarrassed like today I accidentally bonked our car door onto a car parked next to us (it did not damage the car thankfully) and the owner of the car was right there! but I always try to just shake it off! instead of thinking of it a lot!
here is a good quote that kind of relates to being embarrassed and scared of what people might think of you:
ooh, and I love this quote even more that Luna Lovegood is on this picture!!! :)
Oh, and also remember to not take it too serious!
So yeah, that was my little advice of the day for ya! ;)
Have a good day!

Friday, July 24

31 day blog challenge-day 23

Day 23:
Do you have a hobby?
Yep! I actually have a few! :) here are some things that I love to do:

I never really drink Starbucks while doing so. ;)







So yeah! those are some of my hobbies!
what are your hobbies?