Elly Lily: 31 day blog challenge-day 10

Saturday, July 11

31 day blog challenge-day 10

Day 10:
Daily Routine?
Here is my day routine? everyday is different though, but this is just some things that I usually do on days! ;)
First I wake up and make my bed.

Then I will go on Instagram and watch a few YouTube videos ;) 

Then I will do my hair (I practically wear it in a side braid everyday!)
Then I will get dressed. 
And eat breakfast.
After breakfast I do a little blogging.

And maybe even make a craft!

Then I will eat lunch! (I usually have a sandwich but I just really love this picture I took a while ago!)

And sometimes I will go to the pool!

A little while after I go to the pool I will eat some dinner,

And today after dinner we are going to go to an R5 concert that we have been so exited for!!! (especially my sister Celia)
What is your daily routine?

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