Elly Lily: 31 day blog challenge-day 15

Thursday, July 16

31 day blog challenge-day 15


Day 15:
List ten things that make you awesome.
This one is hard cause there are so many awesome things about me that it is hard to pick just ten! JK JK! LOL! :P  But really, this one is pretty hard, (it would be a lot easier to pick ten awesome things about another person) but anyway, Here are just ten facts about me? (since it feels kind of weird to say: I am awesome because..) ;)
anyway here are some facts about me:
1.  I get really hyper and crazy when I am with my friends! every time we are hanging out I just get really random, but it is super fun because they are usually fun and crazy with me! <3
2. I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter! (you probably already know this!) If you are a potterhead comment below you favorite character!
3. I love to act!
4. my least favorite vegetable is avocado.
5. Lately I have been really into getting ideas for my story, thinking of character etc.
6. I love Dora the Explorer songs! They are just so fun to sing! (I am very weird!) ;)
7. I talk and do stuff in my sleep. Like one time I took a pillow and layed it on the ground, put a stuffed animal in the middle of the pillow, another pillow on top of that, and then two stuffed animals on the side of the top pillow! I don't know why! I think I was trying to make an even stack! ;D
8. I love bright colors!
9. I love summer!
10. I always wear my hair in a side braid.
What are some facts about you?


  1. This is very cool! I am doing the 31 day blog challenge too! ;)
    Abigail Grace

    1. Thanks! I checked out your challenge posts! They are awesome! keep up the great work! :)